On October 1, 2011, I left behind my life in New York City to travel around the world for one year. That one year quickly became two years, then three, and so on. I’m still traveling full time and plan to do so for as long as I can. This page is a summary of the places I’ve visited, things I’ve done, and a few (useless) stats in the past 7+ years.

So Far I've Been:

2943 days on the road!​

Where I've been?

Below is a map of the countries I’ve visited so far.  All the countries in blue were visited during the Round the World (RTW); the countries in green I visited before the RTW, and the countries in red I’m expecting to visit in the near future.

Where I’ve Been

Small Countries


Countries Visited


miles flown


passport stamps


pictures taken


flights taken


hours flown




airports visited

The Un-Route

Every flight, bus, ferry, and car ride I’ve taken in the last seven years on the road.

Progress Visiting Every UN Recognized Nation

a few extra stats!

  • 119 countries visited on the RTW (Total of 141 countries and territories visited, but only 128 UN Recognized)
  • 12 missed flights
  • 86 overnight or long distance train and buses
  • 4 overnight ferries
  • 3 road trips
  • 1 night on a cruise
  • 8 sunglasses lost or broken
  • 5 consecutive days… Longest run without showering. (Mongol Rally)
  • 2 backpacks replaced
  • 3 “illegal” border crossings. (Guatemala, Namibia, Paraguay)
  • 1 iPod stolen
  • 2 iPhone 5 stolen (ouch!)
  • 1 drowned iPhone 6s (sigh…)


Stats last updated: January 12, 2019 (except for the days on the road counter, which updates automatically)