El Castillo at Chichen Itza

If I Were An Ancient Maya Architect

Architecture plays a big role in the understanding of the Ancient Maya culture. Now, if I was an Ancient Maya architect, how would I have performed my profession back then?

Barton Creek in Cayo, Belize

Belize Snapshot: Barton Creek Cave

Barton Creek Cave is one of the many caves in Belize that Mayas once used ceremonially and today is an interesting sight to look into the Maya past.

Norbert Fishing

My Fishing Misadventures In Belize

Fishing is not my thing, but fishing in Belize is a sport many travelers love to experience. So, these are my fishing misadventures while in Belize.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

New Roads Ahead

As I leave Belize, I’m sad for leaving such a wonderful country, but I’m excited for the new places I’ll visit and new collaboration during my round the world.

Altun Ha Archaeological Site in Belize

Belize Snapshot: Altun Ha

Altun Ha Archaeological site is one of the most visited and most accessible Maya site in Belize. It is also where the largest carved Jade head has been found anywhere in the Maya World.

Christ of the Abyss in San Pedro

My Top 5 Diving Spots In Belize

With such a great barrier reef, Belize has thousands of great dive spots. I went diving in many of them and here are my top 5 spots to dive while in Belize.


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