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Traveling through Belize over these past two and a half months have given me countless cultural experiences, jungle adventures, and rich Maya culture knowledge. But, in addition to those, I’ve had a few lighthearted laughs and curious dumb-face looks with many of Belize’s traffic and street signs.

I’ve seen countless of these unique and funny signs all around the country, and here are some of the ones I’ve been able to capture:

Funny Signs in Belize
Caye Caulker – According to “oral history”, there’s a Dachshund dog (you know, the one with the hot dog shape) in Caye Caulker that belonged to an old woman who passed away some years ago. Still to this day, the dog can be seen crossing Caye Caulker’s main street.
Funny Signs in Belize
Caye Caulker – “En cada relacion usa condon” (Use a condom in each relationship). Near the airport, there’s this one wild desolate place between the mangroves where apparently people go to “shag”. I guess the people in Caye Caulker want to implant some moral conscience with this sign, while still letting you have some fun!
Funny Signs in Belize
Caye Caulker – Seriouly, I wanted to die when I saw this speed bump sign. Guess where the bump is? It’s the “huge” rope ahead on the road! Seriously, it is barely felt when you go over it. Well, I guess when a golf cart is the biggest vehicle in town; a rope speed bump is a big deal!
Belize's Unique and Funny Signs 1
Caye Caulker – By now you must have noticed that Caye Caulker is the king of funny signs. This one is next to the airport, and FYI, it’s a serious sign! Do they really bounce like that?!
Funny Signs in Belize
Caye Caulker – If I couldn’t mock enough Caye Caulker’s golf carts with the previous sign, this one definitely takes it one step further. Seriously, how fast can you drive on a golf cart? And yes, it’s true; there are two cemeteries, and no hospital.
Funny Signs in Belize
Toledo – Did you know that Belize has many Mennonite communities? I was surprised, and honestly very disoriented, when I first saw a community of Mennonites there. They are spread all throughout the country and many of them still follow the traditional Mennonite lifestyle.
Funny Signs in Belize
Placencia – Like in Caye Caulker, Placencia’s airport has a street crossing through the end of the airstrip. While the only airplanes that land here are small Cessnas, you still won’t want them to land on your car roof, right?
Funny Signs in Belize
San Pedro – I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.
Funny Signs in Belize
Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary – If you see one, keep your hands and feet inside the car! It’s very rare to see a Jaguar in the wild, especially during daylight, as they are nocturnal animals. Though, it would be really cool to see one.
Funny Signs in Belize
Punta Gorda – Chicken of the sea?

So far, my favorite signs are the ones in Caye Caulker. They truly show their “go slow” attitude towards life.

Have you seen any other unique or funny sign in Belize?

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  1. Awesome pics! We saw a few funny ones in Belize, but nothing like what you found. Now I need to go back and find more signs!

    1. Thanks Nancy! There are so many funny signs out there in Belize. Too bad I haven’t had the chance to capture them all, but these ones have been pretty good!

    1. You’re welcome, Joanna. Thanks to you and Stacy for giving me the tour! It has been one of the funniest tours I’ve had in Belize!! 😀

  2. Norbert, one of my favorite past times is sign spotting! In fact, we own both books, Sign Spotting 1&2…you should submit your pictures to them. I especially love the one about the 2 Cemetaries and No Hospital, lol

    1. Hi Charu!
      Oh, I’ve never seen those books! I should check them out and who knows, maybe even submit the Cemetery pic like you suggested. I love funny signs and Caye Caulker for me was the best place to find them! Now in Israel I’ve seen a few funny signs graphically, but since I can’t read hebrew I don’t fully understand the humor behind it. :s Still, they are cool!

  3. These are some hilarious signs. There are a lot of hilarious signs in Korea as well. I think I’ll try to put together a gallery like this one sometime soon.

    1. Oh yes! I saw some hilarious signs in South Korea! Two of them were the Water Company sign and the Police sign with looks like a yellow teddy bear! You should put that gallery together. I’m sure it will really funny to watch!

  4. I am surprised that my favorite sign on Caye Caulker was not included. In front of the Popeye’s Hotel on the beach, there is a sign that reads: ” Betta no Litta!” AKA, don’t litter.

    1. YOu know… I saw that one a lot of times but never had the chance to take a picture of it! I love it… Betta no Litta!

  5. Great! I have quite a few signs I took pics of in Belize too. They are truly so funny and very imaginative.

  6. well, agreed. so many funny signs. The one our family quickly adapted to many other random circumstances was one we saw on the roadside coming down from Kahal Pech stated “baby-sitting, hair salon and ALL DAT”! must have run out of paint or space!!
    also saw a sign for a Jaguarundy crossing.

    1. Ha! Because baby sitting and hair salons are so related to know what “all that” is! That’s a good one! hehehe

  7. One of my favorites on Caye Caulker was a painting of two friendly dog faces with the sign reading: Beware Buddy & Tigger. (Nice work, Ally-the-sign-painter-and-guitarist-extraordinaire!)