Chicen Itza, Mexico

What to Do in Cancun Beyond the Resorts

Cancun is famous for its resorts, but did you know there’s much more to do there than relaxing in resorts? Here I show you how I’ve spent my few trips to this party capital in the Riviera Maya.

El Castillo at Chichen Itza

If I Were An Ancient Maya Architect

Architecture plays a big role in the understanding of the Ancient Maya culture. Now, if I was an Ancient Maya architect, how would I have performed my profession back then?

Cotton Tree, Belize

Belize Snapshot: Ceiba Tree

The Ceiba Tree has a rich cultural relationship with the Mayas. It has a deep relationship with the world, the cosmos, and the underworld the Mayas believed in.

Xunantunich glyphs at El Castillo

A Quick Look at Maya Astronomy

Maya Astronomy is a complex and interesting science that defines the Maya culture. December 21, 2011 marks a year to the infamous date in the Maya Calendar, the end of the world.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Visiting Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza, one of the most impressive sites in the Maya world, has many structures worth admiring. Here are some of the most important sights.

Maya Archeological Site in Toledo, Belize

Nim Li Punit Stelae

Many Maya archaeological sites have a mysterious history, but Nim Li Punit is one of the sites that tells a vivid and clear story through its stelas.


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