One of the most common questions I get is “where can I travel to during [insert month here]?” Honestly, there’s no simple answer as it depends on your travel style, interests, and budget.

Thankfully, the world is now more accessible than ever before, giving us the opportunity to travel to almost anywhere with any travel style and budget. But, with so many options available, it can be hard choosing the best destination for our next trip.

Also, you want to make the most of your trip and not waste your precious limited time abroad wading through the high-season crowds or in your hotel room due to bad weather.

And what about those expensive flights, overbooked hotels, and overpriced meals that come with the peak of the high season? We can avoid those too!

Enter, The Guide On The Best Places To Visit Each Month of the Year

Travel World Map with Seasons

This guide on the best places to travel by month consists of 12 maps that show which destinations are in their high season, shoulder season (the travel period between high and low seasons), and low season.

It also highlights a few destinations that are the top destinations to visit in that specific month, as well as the destinations you should avoid due to bad weather. These are accompanied by a description of the best places that you should consider.

The data shown here has been compiled from several sources I’ve used to plan my own trips, as well as from my own experience traveling to over 139 of these countries in the past twelve years.

To help make this guide visual and easy to understand, I used the following color codes.

  • Dark Teal for the high/peak season
  • Teal for shoulder-season
  • Light Teal (light teal) for low/off-peak season
  • Green for the optimal countries to visit this month
  • Red for the countries you should avoid this month

Whether it’s a honeymoon, an adventure trip, or a relaxing cultural getaway, this guide will help you narrow down your choices of the best places to travel that fit your trip best based on a combination of activities, weather, and specific events.

The Best Places to Visit in the World and the Best Countries to Travel by Month

Feel free to jump to a month of interest using the buttons below to find the best places to travel and the best time to visit:


Best Places to Visit in January

Countries to visit during January

Countries to Visit in January:

January is one of the cheapest months to travel since it is just after the holidays and this is the moment when many travelers are starting to plan their trips for later in the year.

This is one of the best months to watch the northern lights in countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland.

Skiing in the Alps is also a popular trip this month, so expect crowds in Austria and Switzerland. The Caribbean and Central America are perfect this time of the year with warm weather and not much rain. Great beach time!

Puerto Escondido in Mexico has managed to stay off most tourists’ radars for years, yet its slowly coming to the spotlight.

All kinds of activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, and spotting wildlife like dolphins, sea turtles, and whales can be done this time of the year. And of course, you can relax at the beach too.

Speaking of beaches, Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia are also excellent options. Great dry and sunny weather for the beach or any outdoor activity.

Koh Nang Yuan's Viewpoint from the top of the island
The beautiful islands of Koh Nang Yuan in Thailand

South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, on the other hand, are in the summer months and quite warm. This is a great time to visit, but be aware that the Australia outback can get really hot.

If you’re looking to hike, Patagonia in Chile and Argentina is at the peak of its high season as the weather is at its warmest and driest, so if you’re a hiker, this is the time to go.

Ethiopia is also in its cool, dry season, which is excellent if you’re looking to visit the Omo Valley tribes.

Karo Women by the Omo River
The Karo Tribe in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia

In Bolivia, on the other hand, the country is in its rainy season, but this is a good time to visit the Salar de Uyuni – the largest salt flats in the world.

It is during this time when a thin layer of water creates the surreal optical illusion of a giant mirror reflecting the sky on the ground.

Even though it is in the middle of its rainy season, Hawaii is a popular destination in January – especially if you’re a surfer. You might experience some rain, but the weather is still good enough to go to the beach and go whale watching (as this is the peak of Hawaii’s humpback season).

Surprisingly this is Hawaii’s high season, so expect crowds. If sunny days are more important to you, then go there during the dry season, from April to October.

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia
Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

If you’re interested in visiting the 7th continent, Antarctica is now on its prime time as this is their summer, so “warm” and clear days make the voyage much more comfortable.

Since this trip is only done on a cruise, I recommend checking these cruise options here.

Countries to Avoid in January:

It is winter in the northern hemisphere, so countries in higher latitudes are best avoided due to their cold, wintry weather. That is unless, you are hoping to see the northern lights or skiing, as mentioned previously.

Also to be avoided are Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Polynesia as it’s the rainy season. The islands east of Africa like Madagascar, Reunion, Seychelles, and Mauritius, among others, are also to be avoided due to potential cyclonic activity.


Best Places to Visit in February

Countries to visit during February

Countries to Visit in February:

Southeast Asia is still in its peak season, being one of the most popular regions for travelers this month. As much as I try to avoid high seasons, I have to admit this is one of the best months to visit the region.

The northern Scandinavian countries are still optimal to watch the northern lights, as so are France, Switzerland, and Austria for skiing. Be aware that those slopes will be crowded.

Alternatively, there is Utah, Vermont, and Colorado in the USA, which are among the most popular states to ski.

Being the city of love, Paris will be beaming for part of the month, especially around St. Valentine’s Day. Be aware that everything will be crowded, more expensive, and still cold.

The Caribbean and Central America continue with their excellent warm weather, and so do Chile and Argentina, for those interested in visiting the vineyards and hiking trails in Patagonia.

February marks the end of the summer season in the southern hemisphere, so don’t miss visiting Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile and hiking the W trail.

Torres del Paine W hike
The famous towers at Torres del Paine.

Egypt, while a bit chilly at night, is now a great option if you want to visit the ancient ruins in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, and travel down the Nile River in comfortable weather.

Further down in the African continent, South Africa is also an ideal destination – especially one of its capital cities, Cape Town.

You can enjoy its famous wines and visit some of its popular beaches. Not to be missed is Boulders Beach, where you can get a close-up view of an African penguin colony that lives right at the beach.

While February is not the high season for Italy, many travelers go there this month to see the Carnival in Venice. Another Carnival you shouldn’t miss is Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival in Brazil.

Several other countries celebrate carnival this month, including the USA with Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Sambodromo Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
At the Sambodomo in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival.

Another festival worth seeing is the Chinese New Year in none other than China. Alternatively, you can head to Singapore, which has the biggest Chinese New Year celebration outside of China.

Antarctica is still open for business.

Countries to Avoid in February:

Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Polynesia are still in their rainy season, and the islands east of Africa, like Madagascar, Reunion, and Mauritius are in the middle of their cyclone season.


Best Places to Visit in March

Countries to visit during March

Countries to Visit in March:

March is the start of the shoulder season for many countries, so it’s a good time to have an affordable trip no matter your travel style.

Italy and the other Mediterranean countries are starting to warm up pleasantly, so you’ll be able to enjoy decent weather without the crowds. Egypt still has exquisite weather too.

Southeast Asia is still a good region to visit with good weather, yet with fewer people than in the previous months. India is one of the best countries to visit in March, especially if you want to participate in their colorful Holi Festival.

Mumbai is among the best Indian cities to celebrate it. Not far from India is the Maldives, where you can have ideal tropical temperatures with blue skies almost every day.

At Kuda Bandos in Maldives
At Kuda Bandos in the Maldives… Such a beautiful beach!

The USA is now also welcoming some pleasant weather, especially along its coastal cities like New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and the southern states with are quite warm by now. Cuba is in its dry season as are the surrounding Caribbean islands.

In South America, Colombia is a good option, especially the city of Cartagena with its beautiful beaches, traditional food, and some of the best nightlife in the country.

Its good weather makes March perfect to go hang gliding or kitesurfing. You can also have a relaxing day trip to the white sand beaches on Isla Barú.

Bartolome Island in Galapagos
Bartolome Island in the Galapagos

Patagonia is still doable early in the month, but the weather is starting to deteriorate with high winds in the mountains.

While March is the rainiest month in the Galapagos, the showers are brief, there are fewer people, and you’ll get to the beginning of the mating season for birds. This is a great time to visit the Galapagos on a small budget.

Countries to Avoid in March:

Countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and other East African countries are in their rainy season, so it’s not the optimal time to go if you’re looking to do a safari or go to the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls.

The islands east of Africa are still in their cyclone season, but just coming out of it.


Best Places to Visit in April

Countries to visit during April

Countries to Visit in April:

April is a really good month to travel on the northern hemisphere as the ice is finally thawing, the flowers are starting to bloom, and in many places, you are a couple of months ahead of the heavy crowds that come in the summertime.

Starting April, the Mediterranean is one of the best places to visit, including islands like Crete, Cyprus, and Malta. The Canary Islands has even more hospitable weather for an April vacation than most destinations in Europe.

Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco
Ait Ben Haddou in Morocco

In Africa, places like Morocco, Tunisia, and other northern African countries just came out of their rainy season. Further south, nestled between Zambia and Zimbabwe you’ll find Victoria Falls – the largest waterfall in the world.

April marks the start of the dry season, which means the falls will be less intense, but you will have a better chance of seeing the stunning curtain of water falling into the Zambezi River because of less spray. It’s also a great time to go bungee jumping there!

The Middle East and Namibia now have hot and dry weather that is still good for any kind of trip. The USA is now a nice place to explore on a road trip as it’s warm enough yet still off its peak season.

Notable highlights during this month are Japan with its beautiful cherry blossoms and The Netherlands with its colorful Tulips.

Washington D.C. is also a popular destination as hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the American capital in April to see the world-famous National Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the blooming of the Japanese cherry trees the city received as a gift from Tokyo in 1912.

Taiwan is another lesser-known cherry blossom destination. Head to Yangmingshan National Park to it in all its red, white, and pink glory. Additionally, Taiwan’s location near a volcanic system also makes it an ideal vacation spot for hot springs lovers.

Trinidad, Cuba
A street in Trinidad, Cuba

The Caribbean is experiencing almost perfect weather, with Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico being among the top choices.

New Zealand, on the other hand, is starting its autumn, which is the perfect time to visit its wine-growing regions and witness the trees and vines change from green to fiery red, orange, yellow, and golden brown.

Countries to Avoid in April:

Southeast Asia should be avoided as it is unbearably hot. East African countries like Tanzania and Kenya are still in their rainy season. South America, in general, is quite humid at this time of the year, but still doable overall.


Best Places to Visit in May

Countries to visit during May

Countries to Visit in May:

May is one of the best months to travel as it has summer-like weather in most of the northern hemisphere without the summer crowds.

The UK tends to be sunny and Europe, in general, is now warm and full of outdoor activities. Croatia, while still in its low season, will soon ramp up to become a busy summer destination, so why not go ahead of the crowd?

Notable destinations that are worth visiting, but are still in their shoulder season are Hungary -especially Budapest– and ItalyThe Mediterranean and the beaches in Portugal are also excellent choices this month.

Prague in the Czech Republic comes to life during its three-week-long Spring Music Festival.

Rome's Colosseum, Italy
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

China is one of the highlight countries this month, giving you comfortable weather in almost all of its regions. Nepal and Bhutan offer excellent weather for hiking, especially if you want to hike to Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

Also in Asia, Indonesia is just coming out of its rainy season, so popular destinations like Bali now have good weather, yet are still in their shoulder season.

Another great destination for hiking at this time of the year is Peru, with some of the best weather to visit Cusco and hike the Inca Trail or other trails. The same applies to other countries in the Himalayas, the Alps, and the Andes.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu in Peru

In the USA, the weather is now perfect to visit national parks like Yellowstone before the summer crowds come. Most cities in the US and Canada are now full of activities and breathtaking scenery.

For nature lovers, there’s nothing quite like visiting Sossusvlei in Namibia. This expansive salt and clay pan is among the most surreal and stunning landscapes you’ll find in Africa.

It also counts with the tallest sand dunes in the world. Its red sand dunes and scorched remains of trees make it a favorite among photographers to take some breathtaking shots. I recommend doing any of these camping trips here!

Countries to Avoid in May:

India and Sri Lanka are best to be avoided starting May, as this is just the beginning of the monsoon season, which tends to be pretty harsh there.

Should you want to visit India in May, concentrate on the Himalayan region which sees a lot less rain this time of the year. East Africa is still in its rainy season, but just about to end.

While not necessarily a place to avoid, be aware that the Caribbean is a bit wet at this time of the year.

Starting now, Egypt and most Middle Eastern countries will experience heat waves.


Best Places to Visit in June

Countries to visit during June

Countries to Visit in June:

June marks the start of the tourism season in most of the northern hemisphere. Europe makes the most of it with its many midsummer parties, especially in northern countries like Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, where you can see the midnight sun.

Many European cities are now celebrating a plethora of festivals including Pride, which is also celebrated across the world on different dates of the month.

Öskjuvatn Lake and the Viti Crater in Askja, Iceland
Öskjuvatn Lake and the Viti Crater in Iceland

South in the Mediterranean, the Greek islands are at their peak and so is Croatia with its famous sailing tours. Peru is still an excellent choice for hikers, but now temperatures are starting to go down.

Brazil, on the other hand, while it could be a bit cold in the south of the country, the rest still has lovely temperatures and dry weather. If mild temperatures don’t scare you, then this is a great time to visit Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world.

View of Iguazu Falls from both sides
Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina

The USA and Canada both have comfortable temperatures and Canada, specifically, celebrates Canada Day, the Montreal Film Festival, and the International Jazz Festival.

In Africa, Tanzania is now a great destination to visit if you’re interested in seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration towards Kenya or if you’re looking forward to relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.

The Caribbean is still a good region to visit, but be aware that it just entered the hurricane season. June tends to be quiet in terms of cyclonic activity, but it could be a hit and miss.

If you’re looking to explore way off the beaten path, the Arctic is now warm enough to visit on a cruise. You can check several Arctic cruise options here.

Countries to Avoid in June:

Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East have recurrent heat waves, so they are best avoided during the summer. India and Sri Lanka should be avoided, as it is at the peak of its monsoon season.


Best Places to Visit in July

Countries to visit during July

Countries to Visit in July:

Europe is at its peak, being the most popular continent for travelers. Anywhere you go the weather will be pretty good and there will be tons of activities, but just like you, there will be thousands of other tourists doing the same.

Festivals are still happening all over the continent, so make sure to add one to your trip.

The USA is still a popular destination, especially for travelers looking to spend their time outdoors in national parks or the beach. The week of the 4th of July is the most popular travel week of this month.

While most of Southeast Asia is in the middle of its monsoon season, the same can’t be said about Indonesia, which sits mostly below the equator.

Indonesia is now dry and sunny, making it the perfect time to hit popular places like Bali, East Java, Komodo National Park, and more.

Pulau Padar at Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Pulau Padar at Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Seychelles are also an excellent spot during July, with below-average levels of rain, excellent birdwatching, and the best ocean conditions for watersports like surfing, windsurfing, sailing, and scuba diving.

This is also a great month to go on a safari in East Africa, especially in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Every year, one of the grandest wildlife spectacles happens here – the Great Migration. Over 2 million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles make the treacherous journey across the Serengeti in search of greener pastures, found at the Maasai Mara.

Safari at Chobe National Park in Botswana
Lions at Chobe National Park in Botswana

Many of these animals don’t make it to their destination as they encounter lions, crocodiles, and other predators along the way.

This is a very popular time to be here, so make sure to plan your safari in advance. And I mean, literally months in advance or the previous year. Yeah, it’s that popular.

With its crystal clear beaches and stunning volcanic landscapes, Fiji is also popular among nature lovers and beachgoers. Fiji’s annual Bula Festival is held in July, bringing an extra cultural layer of music, dancing, and entertainment.

Peru and Bolivia are on their dry high season, but they can be a bit chilly in high altitudes, as it is their winter.

The Arctic is still warm, so take that cruise to the northernmost regions of Earth!

Countries to Avoid in July:

IndiaSri Lanka, and Southeast Asia are still in their monsoon season. The Middle East, North of Africa and Sub Saharan Africa are experiencing extremely hot temperatures. Senegal is famous for its heatwaves accompanied by heavy downpours this month.


Best Places to Visit in August

Countries to visit during August

Countries to Visit in August:

August is one of the most popular months to travel for Americans as they try to squeeze one last summer vacation before the weather cools down.

Europe dominates the travel landscape, again, though expect pretty hot temperatures. The Mediterranean is even more popular this time of the year.

From coastal villages in Italy to beach towns in Spain, you’ll surely have a fun-filled or relaxing time by the sea. Also popular is Portugal with its stunning beaches in Algarve.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

Croatia, on the other hand, makes the best of the hot summer temperatures with its famous sailing trips. It also has a few lovely music festivals happening at this time of the year.

Scotland is popular in August thanks to its Edinburgh Fringe Festival which lasts most of the month. This is the largest celebration of arts and culture in the world, including more than 3000 shows in theater, comedy, circus, and opera.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Peru’s dry winter, while chilly, is great for hiking. Tibet is another great hiking destination this month of the year. But probably the best nature and outdoor destination in August should go to Kenya, as it is in its peak of the wildebeest migration.

The Great Migration usually culminates around the first week of the month.

Countries to Avoid in August:

South Asia and Southeast Asia are at their peak of the monsoon season, with the exception of Kerala or Tamil Nadu in India, and the southern side of Indonesia – like Bali.

The Middle East and the northern portion of Africa are at the peak of its summer heat. The USA can get pretty hot during August too.

Keep a close watch on the Caribbean and Central America, as they are entering the peak of their hurricane season. Try to avoid them if possible. While Cuba is in its high season, it is incredibly hot and humid, and prone to cyclonic activity.


Best Places to Visit in September

Countries to visit during September

Countries to Visit in September:

September marks the second shoulder season for most popular destinations. Yet, September still has some of the best weather you can ask for your trip.

Germany and Austria are now popular thanks to Octoberfest, which starts at the end of September.

Great weather also makes the Georgian capital of Tbilisi a must-visit if you’re into architecture. There you’ll see a mix of Soviet-era, Persian, modern art-nouveau, and contemporary influences, all mixed together.

Road Trip through the Himalayas in India
Leh Palace in the Indian Himalayas

India has finally come out of its long monsoon season. Even though it’s shoulder season, September’s pleasant weather makes it a good month to visit the country before the winter crowds come.

This is also the time to go to the Himalayas before the winter comes and isolates many of its beautiful towns for months.

Again, Portugal and other European countries by the Mediterranean are still good bets. In Africa, most countries in the southern region are in their winter, which makes it the best time to visit them.

Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Mozambique, among others, have dry and sunny days with pleasant temperatures – and maybe slightly chilly nights.

The northern side of Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia are also good to visit, as they are no longer too hot.

Iran is a top choice this month too, and the best thing is that it is still off-the-beaten-path, so there will be no crowds there.

Esfahan Naqsh-e Jahan Square Sunrise, Iran
Sunrise at Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan, Iran.

For hikers, Peru and Nepal offer great hiking weather. The same applies to other countries in the Himalayas, the Alps, and the Andes. China and Japan also offer great hiking weather and look lovely as they start their fall season.

Countries to Avoid in September:

Southeast Asia is still in its monsoon season, so it should be avoided. The Caribbean and Central America should be avoided as this is the peak of hurricane season.


Best Places to Visit in October

Countries to visit during October

Countries to Visit in October:

Savvy travelers get the most benefits of traveling in October when most of the world is in the shoulder season, so prices are often at their lowest.

With Octoberfest in full swing, Germany should be at the top of your travel list this month. Over six million people attend the famous beer festival in Munich each year.

But it’s not just about beer, people also dress in traditional Bavarian outfits, eat traditional food, listen to fold music, and more.

Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile are now starting to welcome dry, sunny, and warmer days, making them ideal destinations before they get the southern hemisphere summer crowds.

Turkey and Cyprus have almost guaranteed sun while still offering a budget-friendly environment. Cities like Antalya in Turkey are rapidly becoming popular this time of the year as they offer a perfect mix of relaxing beaches and authentic Turkish culture.

Love Valley, Cappadocia
Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey

Oman and the United Arab Emirates will be hot no matter when in the year you visit, but October is a good month to visit both countries and not experience their typical summer triple-digit temperatures and winter crowds.

Dubai is full of stunning architecture, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Egypt and its surrounding countries are also back on the list of places you should visit, as temperatures are now more comfortable.

Ethiopia also takes a step forward as a top destination thanks to the highlands of the central and northern parts of the country, which are full of natural beauty and jaw-dropping landscapes.

The Simien Mountains National Park, which is home to unique species of baboons, ibexes, and other animals, is now especially verdant thanks to the rainy season that just ended last month.

Madagascar Baobabs
Baobabs in Madagascar

Japan’s foliage is also a spectacle this time of the year. Madagascar is also at its best as this is the time when you can see baby lemurs, chameleons, and enjoy the beach in warm and dry weather.

I found Madagascar to be stunning but a bit hard to plan and travel, so if you’re into seeing this wonderful country, but without the planning hassle, then I highly recommend this tour across Madagascar’s highlights.

Countries to Avoid in October:

Southeast Asia is now experiencing typhoon season, so it’s best to avoid certain parts of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. South Pacific countries like Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and the north of Australia are also best avoided due to their typhoon season.

Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are still in the middle of their hurricane season, but the cyclonic activity is now starting to die down.


Best Places to Visit in November

Countries to visit during November

Countries to Visit in November:

Shoulder season is ending in the northern hemisphere, giving way to the low season in North America, Europe, and East Asia, and the high season in Northern Africa.

November is the start of the dry season in Cuba, and being fall season, it now has more manageable temperatures. Americans can still visit Cuba legally, so I recommend visiting cities like Havana, Trinidad, and Viñales, among many others.

The same applies to other Caribbean islands as the hurricane season is just ending.

Tank in Culebra, Puerto Rico
The famous Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico, with its stranded WWII tank.

Due to Prague’s charming architecture and bohemian vibe, it is still a popular destination at this time of the year, even with the colder temperatures. Don’t miss walking the Old Town Square and visiting the Prague Castle.

Chiang Mai in Thailand should be your top choice during November if you’re looking to witness the stunning festivals of Loi Krathong and Yi Peng.

These festivals, celebrated on the full moon of the 12th lunar month, are marked by the release of thousands of lanterns into the night sky.

But, Chiang Mai and Thailand, in general, have so much more to offer, including a rich culture, wildlife, stunning beaches, and beautiful architecture.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In India, you can make your way to the city of Agra, which is home to the legendary Taj Mahal – one of the new seven wonders of the world.

November is the start of the peak tourism season in Agra, but you still beat the crowds if you arrive at the Taj Majal at 6 am when the complex opens. I highly recommend doing one of these sunrise tours of the Taj Mahal to beat the crowds.

Morocco is also another top destination in November. The country is teeming with culture and life.

The weather is good at this time of the year to visit its many palaces, mosques, gardens, bazaars, and even camp in the Sahara desert, just of the desert town of Merzouga.

Camping in the Sahara
Camping in the Sahara, Morocco

Not to be left behind is the USA, with Thanksgiving week marking its most popular time of the month. New York City is a great city to visit if you’re looking forward to seeing the Macy’s Parade.

Be aware that it will be really crowded. Colorado is now welcoming skiers looking for that adrenaline rush on its popular slopes.

Hawaii, on the other hand, is still a great spot to escape the cold and head to the beach. One of the world’s best surfing competitions, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, is held in November or December on Oahu’s North Shore each year.

While not on the map, Antarctica is now at the beginning of its season. This is their summer and the time when it’s most accessible.

Countries to Avoid in November:

There isn’t really anywhere to avoid in November. The northernmost countries are now quite cold, yet not in their peak wintertime to see the northern lights – though you might be lucky if you’re on the northernmost part of Scandinavia.


Best Places to Visit in December

Countries to visit during December

Countries to Visit in December:

December is a month of perfect polar opposites, depending on the type of trip you want to have. If you’re looking for northern lights, you can head to Scandinavia.

For skiing, hit the slopes on the Alps, especially in Austria and Switzerland, or head to Colorado and Utah in the USA. The Pyrenees in France are also popular among skiers.

Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada is one of the best winter destinations this time of the year.

There, not only you can do several winter sports like skiing, snow tubing, and even dog-sledding, but you can also marvel at its jagged Rocky Mountain peaks, abundant wildlife, and serene glacial lakes.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

For a warm and summer-like vacation, head to Southeast Asia as Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam are on their prime time.

The Philippines is also making the best of its good weather, especially on its islands like Boracay – where beach hopping and sunbathing are the order of the day.

You can also head to Australia and New Zealand, as they are in the middle of their summer. The Caribbean is also back as a top region to visit with its dry, warm weather. Madagascar is still a formidable destination for December, but with fewer crowds.

Queenstown, New Zealand
The Remarkable Mountains in Queenstown, New Zealand

Central America is also a great region to visit if you want to escape the cold winter. Belize, in particular, offers world-class scuba diving, sailing, fishing, hiking, stunning landscapes, and impressive sites full of Mayan history.

Further south, Argentina and Chile are also popular during their summer, especially Patagonia, which is now in its most beautiful season.

In Uruguay, you can head to Punta del Este – popularly known as the Monaco of the South – which is at its liveliest at this time of the year.

Torres del Paine W hike
Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

Spend the New Year at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland. New York City, Dubai, and Sydney are also popular among the cities that bring the new year with a stunning display of fireworks.

For the parties, head to Miami, where you can welcome the new year at one of its many crazy rooftop parties or at the beach.

Antarctica is also a great option if you’re looking to visit the 7th continent. This trip must be done with a cruise, so I recommend checking these cruise options.

Countries to Avoid in December:

Even though they are popular among budget travelers doing the typical Southeast Asia route, try to avoid Malaysia and Indonesia as they are in their monsoon season. Papua New Guinea is also in its monsoon season.


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The cashback ranges from 3% to 10% of bookings, which could amount to a few hundred dollars in savings! And yes, these are not points or miles; these are actual dollars sent back to you via PayPal.

Plus, they offer premium support, allowing you to ask local experts about the best places to eat, the best areas to stay, the best time to visit X destination, if a visa is needed, and more. You can get a discounted WayAway Plus membership via this link.

I recommend booking your accommodation with, which offers the cheapest hotel and hostel rates.

Other accommodation alternatives include VRBO for apartments and HostelWorld for hostels.

Great Ocean Road, The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Australia

For day trips and tours, I highly recommend Viator. On the other hand, if you want a more hands-off trip and not having to plan much, I highly recommend checking G Adventures and Contiki. They have excellent multi-day tours in almost every country in the world.

Lastly, don’t forget to get your travel insurance too. Accidents do happen. I use and trust HeyMondo as their policy covers you in most of the world. Alternatively, I also often use the SquareMouth travel insurance aggregator for more options.

If you want to learn more about travel hacking to always find the cheapest airfare, I recommend reading this post.

Did this guide help you narrow down the perfect, exotic destination for your next trip? Which one will it be? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. On the May To September, Paxos is the best destination to spend the time with your family and beloved one. you get the best experience to spend the time and get relax. If heaven was a place on earth, then that place would be Paxos Island. Away from the bustling masses of other, more touristic Greek islands, Paxos is a destination for those seeking harmony and tranquility together with an easygoing day-to-day and stunning seaside sceneries. This small island of the Ionian Sea is full of olive and pine trees, secluded beaches, breathtaking underwater caves and postcard-worthy sceneries.
    Live the experience of the colorful pebbled shores, dramatic white cliffs, verdant groves and crystalline azure waters; thousands of colours, and then, a thousand more as the sun begins to set, transforming everything with its last fiery rays.

    1. Nice point you introduce about the Paxos.
      Yes! It is best destination you can enjoy & relax with your family. Paxos is a small island which has a population of around 2500 with tourism being its primary income; though locals also rely on fishing and olive oil production which was introduced by the Venetians who ruled the islands from the 14th century. There is an interesting story about the creation of the Islands; Poseidon the Greek God delieverd a blow of his powerful Trident to the southern tip of the Corfu, which floated and formed the Paxos Islands. He created this island as a solitary peace and resting haven for him and his lady Amphitrite where he could keep their love nest a secret from his wife.

  2. Nice wrap-up of where to go depending on season. Anyway, sometimes you can be lucky to go to places at a time which is not the peak time – and still surprisingly get an awesome experience!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Incredibly useful travel post! We were supposed to go to Greece in May but may have to rethink the islands after reading this post. Thank you!

  4. This list is really helpful in deciding where to go. Whenever I am planning to go on holiday, deciding a destination is a big chore

  5. Great article! Thanks for putting it together. Do you happen to have this data in an excel table you could email me? I love maps, but I’m also a spreadsheet fan and would love to play with the data in excel. Thanks!

  6. I see that you wrote to avoid North Africa in august but what about June in Moroccan desert. Would it be too hot with a child ? Not used to dry climate so hard to compare the temperature. Used to Quebec, Canada humid summers.

    Thanks !

    1. I’ve been to Morocco in June/July, and I can say that it gets pretty hot. If you’re going with a child, I would recommend starting your days early and maybe taking a “siesta break” around noon to 2 pm to avoid being out during the hottest part of the day.