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From the beginning, I knew my round the world trip was going to be full of adventures, but what I didn’t know back when I started was how many extreme adventures I would undertake, and in some cases, live to tell about it!

As a way to go down memory lane, I’ll highlight here some of the best and most extreme adventures I’ve done these past three+ years of travel.

Bungee jumping victoria falls

Bungee Jumped in Victoria Falls and New Zealand

My first ever bungee jump was in Victoria Falls, set between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The free fall is 111m high, and it has one of the most impressive backdrops you can imagine, the actual falls!

You’re so close to them that you even get a bit of the thunderous mist that floats all around the water drop. You can see more, including a video of my fall, in this post.

To follow up, I bungeed again in Queenstown, New Zealand. While this bungee wasn’t taller at 47 meters, it offered me the freedom to jump freestyle since my feet were not tied like in Victoria Falls. I, of course, had to do a Karate Kid jump!

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Maybe it’s because of Shark Week, or simply it’s their natural notoriety, but the great white sharks are highly feared by most of us, including me.

But, fear is not something that happens to stop me when I really want to do something, so when I visited Cape Town in South Africa, one of the first things in my agenda was to dive with the great white sharks – inside a steel cage, of course.

I saw how sharks, that measured up to 5 meters (15+ feet) in length devoured the chump and jumped out of the water in hopes of catching something – whether that something was chump or the unfortunate limb of a human.

Luckily no limbs were lost (nor have ever been lost in a tour like this), and the experience was beyond incredible (and the water really cold).

Next, I’d like to go snorkeling with humpback whales in Moorea, French Polynesia, or do a 2 week road trip in Namibia!

Watching the sunrise at the Kilimanjaro Summit

Climbing to the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

While the activity itself might not be extreme, the fact that I managed to summit the tallest mountain in Africa made me feel like I was accomplishing something extreme and incredible.

The hike up took three and a half days, which took us to the summit at 5,895 meters above sea level right in time to see the sunrise – one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen.

The whole hike was a complete challenge to me, so I’ll leave it up to this post to elaborate more on the whole experience.

Death Road, Bolivia

Biking Down the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

When they name the Yungas Road the World’s Most Dangerous Road, they were not kidding about it.

This narrow, unpaved gravel road has claimed the lives of hundreds of people, and since tour companies started taking tourists down the road on bikes, it has claimed the lives of at least 18 of them. What makes it so dangerous?

The sheer cliffs right next to every single curve, the loose gravel road that can crumble at any moment, and the lack of guardrails all along the road.

For us biking it down, we experience a drop of over 3,300 meters in height in just 62 kilometers of dangerous yet exciting roads and scenery. Was it scary?

Yes, at some points I felt a bit vulnerable and thought I could lose all control and fall down the cliffs since we were biking pretty fast down the road. Did I enjoy it? Every single bump, curve, and shake!

Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally

This could be the mother of all the extreme things I’ve done on my Round the World trip. My friends and I bought a car to drive over 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia – and finally donate that car to charity once at the finish line.

The road proved to be much more unpredictable than we expected. We crashed in Russia, I was held at gunpoint in Kyrgyzstan, and we got lost in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Still, these experiences were part of what made this adventure an unforgettable moment of my life and a highlight of my trip. And, I’m looking forward to doing the rally again! You can follow my entire rally adventure here.

Even with all these extreme adventures, I’m still looking for more!! Let’s just see which one will be the next one.

Adventure Awaits


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  1. You are much braver than me! Almost all of these would have me in full blown panic. So amazing!

  2. Wow! Shark diving in South Africa? I’d love to read a more detailed blog post on that adventure.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what company did you use for that? I’ll have to look into going shark diving when I make it to South Africa that’s for sure.

    1. Ufff, I believe I’m going to owe you the name as I don’t remember at the moment. I booked them through the hostel I stayed in Cape Town. Surely you’ll find them by booking the tour at a hostel or just walking around Cape Town. There’s no need to book too much in advance or online.

  3. Sounds like a blast! It takes much courage than capability! As I see in photo, the charity can not do anything by this car 😀

  4. Wow! Those are really extreme travel adventures specially getting close to sharks. I would love to try that some time. Thanks for sharing your awesome adventure.

  5. OMG! Absolute Braveness 🙂
    It feels like I’m seeing few stunts from Mission Impossible *lols*
    Great, just Great!!

  6. Hi Norbert,

    I can’t beleive how tempting, refreshing, awesome, great, mind-blowing, rejuvenating, exciting, energizing, captivating and awesome it would have been to drive all the way from the UK to Mongolia which comes to a total of 10,000 miles.

    Travelling is so much of fun after and I learn a lot about this from you.