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Italy is not short of stunning towns, cities with rich history, and idyllic islands to visit. Naples is one of those cities, and it happens to be the birthplace of Pizza. Cool right? 

Then, if you venture a little further into the Mediterranean Sea, just a few miles off the coast of Naples, you’ll get to the jaw-droppingly beautiful island of Capri. The island has long been a favorite of celebrities and tourists due to its breathtaking landscapes and beaches. 

But how do you get from Naples to Capri? This guide will give you some quick tips to plan a successful trip. 

Naples View in Italy

Where is Capri? 

Capri sits in the Bay of Naples, about 15 nautical miles from the central city of Naples. It’s also considered one of the prettiest Amalfi Coast islands.

How to Get From Naples to Capri

There are only two ways to reach Capri from Naples. You can catch a ferry or private boat tour. Here’s how you can book both: 

By Ferry 

Reaching Capri from Naples is super simple. There are currently two ferry companies that operate the Naples to Capri ferry routes — Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG) and SNAV.

You can make use of a tool like Omio to compare prices, select a departure time that suits you, and easily book Capri ferry tickets. There is a wide choice of slow ferries (also called traghettos), high-speed ferries, and hydrofoils. 

Slow ferries are best if you have lots of time on your itinerary, which will allow you to take in the gorgeous scenery of the Bay of Naples. If you’re in more of a rush, then a high-speed ferry or a hydrofoil is your best bet because it cuts your travel time in half.

However, making use of high-speed ferries comes with a warning — the ride is very fast, as the name suggests, and rather bumpy. It’s definitely not the best option if you’re easily prone to seasickness.

So take the necessary precautions and pack in some sea sickness tablets to avoid getting sick

Another downside of using a high-speed ferry or hydrofoil is that you won’t be able to get some nice pictures along the way. 

Naples, Italy

On a Tour

Another convenient way to get from Naples to Capri is by booking a boat tour. You can choose between a half-day or a full-day tour. 

One benefit of taking a boat tour of Capri is it usually includes pick-up from your accommodation and a transfer to one of the ports. From there, you’ll depart for Capri. 

Another benefit is that your itinerary is taken care of and includes stops like the famous Blue Grotto, amongst others. 

Traveling from Naples to Capri on a tour is a convenient way to get around if you don’t have a lot of time on your Italian travel itinerary

Regardless of your transportation method, planning a day trip from Naples to Capri should be a breeze.

Ferry in Capri, Italy

Where to Depart From for a Naples to Capri Ferry or Tour

If you plan on taking a slow ferry, hydrofoil, or high-speed ferry, you’ll be interested in knowing which port to depart from. Here are two best for your Naples to Capri ferry: 

Molo Beverello Port

High-speed ferries and hydrofoils depart from the Molo Beverello Port, the largest port in Naples. It sits about 2.5 miles from the city center, making it easy to get to.

If you’ve flown into Naples, you can use the Alibus shuttle bus to get there. It’s a free service that will take you from Naples Airport straight to the port. 

Your ferry will arrive at Capri’s Marina Grande Port. 

Calata di Massa Port

Alibus also offers shuttles from the airport to the Calata di Massa Port. It’s located right next to Molo Beverello, but all types of ferries and cruise ships leave from this port. It’s conveniently located 2 miles from the city center, making it easy to reach. 

Ferries departing from Calata di Massa will also arrive at the Marina Grande Port in Capri. 

Boats in Capri, Italy

How Long Is the Naples to Capri Ferry Ride?

Depending on which type of ferry you choose, the duration of your journey will vary.

  • Slow ferry: If you opt to go with a slow ferry, it should take you at least one hour and 30 minutes to get from Naples to Capri. 
  • High-speed ferry: If you’re pressed for time, a high-speed ferry is your best option. The journey will likely be at least 50 minutes. 
  • Hydrofoil: This is the fastest way to get to Capri from Naples, as it will cut your travel time in half. This ferry trip should take about 40 minutes, but expect the ride to be very roughThis might be your best option if you’re planning a quick Capri day trip.

A boat tour’s duration will vary anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours, including travel time and all activities. This depends on whether you opt for a half-day or full-day tour. 

What Is the Ferry From Naples to Capri Schedule?

The ferry schedules for the route between Naples and Capri are pretty extensive. During the shoulder and off tourist seasons, there are about eight to nine daily ferry crossings. The earliest ferry leaves at about 08:30 am, and the last leaves at 04:30 pm. 

In summer, during the busy tourist season, there are as many as 17 daily ferry crossings from Naples to Capri. The earliest ferry departs at 07:00 am, and the latest leaves around 05:00 pm.

You can also check the available schedule for your dates of interest on Omio

Capri Landscape in Italy

How Much Does a Naples to Capri Ferry Cost? 

The distance between Naples and Capri is relatively short, and because this is one of the most popular ferry routes in Italy — traveling between the two cities is relatively cheap. 

Ferry tickets on a slow ferry start at a low €23.50 ($25.50) per person for a one-way trip. 

Tips for Booking Ferry Tickets & Traveling

Here are a few things you should consider before booking your Naples to Capri ferry: 

  • The busiest time to visit Capri from Naples is during summer (July to August). Ferry tickets sell out fast during this time, so make sure to book your tickets months in advance. You can book them from the ferry companies directly or on an external site like Omio. Alternatively, purchase them from a ferry ticket office at the respective ports. 
  • It is best to arrive at least an hour before your ferry departs to ensure that there are no delays. 
  • It’s important to note that due to unforeseen changes in weather conditions, such as strong winds and rough seas, high-speed ferry routes can be canceled at any time. You will be notified beforehand by the ferry company. 
  • Slow ferries, on the other hand, have less chance of getting canceled because they can carry more passengers and cargo. So consider taking one if you have the time.
  • Ferries depart every 30 minutes, so if you happen to miss yours, then you can easily catch another shortly after. Just remember to check when and where you can catch the next one. 
  • Unlike other routes, Naples to Capri ferries cannot carry motor vehicles. So if you were planning to drive around the island in a rented vehicle, unfortunately, you cannot. 
Trail in Capri, Italy

Top Things to Do in Naples

Wondering what to do in Naples before you leave for Capri? Here are some of the top activities and sites: 

  1. Visit the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina
  2. Explore the Naples National Archaeological Museum
  3. Admire the Royal Palace of Naples
  4. Catch a show at the majestic San Carlo Theatre
  5. View the vivid art creations at The Linea 1 Metro
  6. Visit the Ruins of Pompeii
  7. Eat Pizza to your heart’s content (Naples is the birthplace of Pizza, after all)
  8. Explore the historic city center.

Top Things to Do in Capri

Once you arrive in Capri, you’ll no doubt be wondering what to do. Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  1. Spend a day at the idyllic Marina Piccola beach. 
  2. Explore the greenery of the Gardens of Augustus
  3. Visit the Punta Carena Lighthouse
  4. Hike up or take the chairlift to Monte Solaro
  5. Discover the quaint village of Anacapri
  6. Hang out in the La Piazzetta
  7. Visit the iconic Blue Grotto
  8. Walk on the winding road of Via Krupp
  9. Take a boat tour around Capri
Capri, Italy

Final Thoughts on Traveling From Naples to Capri

Well, there you have it — everything you need to know about getting from Naples to Capri. It is super easy to get to and from the island, as there are many ferry crossings daily. 

Plus, the journey is a short one and shouldn’t take you longer than an hour and a half. 

It’s also very affordable to travel to this exquisite island from the city of Naples if you use a ferry. Whether you choose to get to Capri from Naples via ferry or on a boat tour — you’re really in for a special time. 

Tip: Traveling can be rather costly, so why not check out this guide on understanding the cost of destinations? It will help you with planning and budgeting your next trip. 

Naples to Capri - A guide on the Best Things to do There and How to Get There
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