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So, you’re planning a trip to Dublin city and are looking for the best hostel to stay in? Don’t worry, because these hostels in Dublin have something for every traveler.

The city is well known for its upbeat nightlife, so you’ll have no problem finding a party hostel, but what if you’re looking for something private and quiet?

If you’re a digital nomad (as I am), you will benefit from free Wi-Fi and a quiet study. But where do you find these places amid the ‘The Pale’ famous for Guinness beers, pub culture, and The Temple Bar?

Thankfully you don’t have to compromise on finding a cheap hostel and your comfort. Here is a guide on how you can find the best hostels, whether you’re in Dublin, Tokyo, or Zambia.

Best Hostels in Dublin

Abbey Court Hostel
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Abbey Court Dublin Hostel

You’ll have no problem locating this popular hostel between the narrow brick buildings also in the Temple Bar District. Abbey Court stands out with pops of blooming flowers and a turquoise roof at the top.

Like its exterior, Abbey Court is a bubbly hostel in Dublin that encourages guests to socialize, have a good craic, and be merry. It has a music room, games room, a bar, and snacks available 24/7.

It’s also a great base if you’re a digital nomad, as it has free Wi-Fi and communal computers on site.

Abbey Court offers mixed or female-only dorm rooms, but standard rooms with private bathrooms are also available if you’d like some privacy. It’s right next to O’Conell’s pub and a five-minute walk from the Temple Bar.

Jacobs Inn
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Jacobs Inn Hostel Dublin

Jacobs Inn is situated in the heart of the city and a stone’s throw away from O’Connell Street. It is a popular and modern hostel specializing in group stays and affordable city tours. So, if you’re looking for a Dublin hostel at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong here.

You can choose between dormitories with pod-style bunk beds or a private room with double or single beds.

If you’re traveling with friends, you can also book private rooms with a set of pods for your group. All pods have a power outlet, privacy curtains, a light, a shelf, and shared bathrooms.

There is no communal kitchen, but that’s not needed as Jacobs Inn offers coffee, orange juice, and a bottomless porridge breakfast with all of the toppings — cranberries, chia seeds, nuts, and more. There’s also a restaurant and bar you can enjoy treats from throughout the day.

Ashfield Hostel
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Ashfield Hostel

The Ashfield Hostel is almost right on the doorstep of Trinity College, just a seven-minute walk away. It’s also just a short skip away from Temple Bar, O’Connell Street, and the Irish Whiskey Museum on Grafton Street.

At Ashfield Hostel, you can expect mixed dorms with en-suite bathrooms throughout. They also have en-suite double and twin rooms for a more private stay. While it is one of the cheaper hostel offers on the list, you’ll still have hot water, luggage storage, and safety deposit boxes.

Besides its fantastic location and rooms, Ashfield Hostel is also the best hostel to crash after a night out and meet fellow travelers.

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Their kitchen has an ‘open policy’ with free snacks in their snacks pantry, complimentary tea and coffee, and a self-catering kitchen. They also host daily free walking tours of Dublin City.

Best Dublin Hostels in the City Center

If it’s your first time in Dublin City, it’s best to find a hostel that is centrally located. These allow you an easy way to reach popular destinations, whether on foot or on public transport, without much hassle.

Leevin Hostel Mountjoy
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Leevin Hostel Mountjoy

Leevin Hostel Mountjoy is the perfect hostel for travelers that want to stay in Dublin hostels but not be caught up in the noise of the city center. It is in a former convent and orphanage built in the 1900s.

You can see traces of its past in the game room, which is where the old chapel once was.

But, despite a few traces of its past, this hostel is quite modern with a sleek and modern design. Besides the game room, it also has free Wi-Fi, a study room, a cafe, a dining room, and laundry facilities to cater to all of your needs.

The male, female, and mixed dorms come in pod-style bunk beds with curtains for privacy. Inside your bunk bed, you’ll get a power outlet, light, and a shelf to hold your items.

Under your bed, you’ll find your locker for storing your luggage. There are also two-bed dorms or a standard double room for more privacy.

Garden Lane Backpackers
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Garden Lane Backpackers

According to Time Out Magazine, Garden Lane Backpackers is located in Dublin 8, which has been ranked as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world.

The hostel is just a short walk from St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse and comes at a reasonable price. Sounds like an absolute win.

Dorm rooms are kept simple, with four to eight bunk beds. Beside your bed, you’ll find a curtain for privacy, a power outlet, and a light. Shared rooms include a kettle for morning coffee and a shared bathroom equipped with hairdryers.

Unfortunately, there are no private rooms, but there is one two-person dorm room if you travel with a friend.

This Ireland hostel offers many communal spaces like the kitchen, rooftop terrace, music, and a TV room where guests often gather.

Gardiner House
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Gardiner House

Gardiner House is near Mountjoy Square Park, just north of the city center. However, it is still only a short walk from Trinity College, Temple Bar, and City Hall, so it is not too far out.

Once an old Georgian townhouse, it has been given new life and color as one of the best hostels in the area. The dorm offers private and shared dorm rooms, but for a unique experience, consider the mixed dorm rooms situated inside a chapel.

This way, you’ll get to wake up to the sun peeking through the stained rainbow windows and sleep under high domed ceilings.

The hostel doesn’t have a curfew, so you can stay out as late as you want and then return to their 24/7 coffee, tea, and hot chocolate stations to wake up again.

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The shared kitchen allows you to cook your own meals. But if you don’t feel like it, you can eat their continental breakfasts each morning to build energy for the day.

Best Dublin Hostels Just Outside the City Centre

Sometimes you just don’t want to stay in an area known for its pub crawls and crowded spaces, and that’s okay. If that sounds like you, these are the best hostels just outside the city’s central location.

These hostels are in the Temple Bar district, close to Dublin airport, or just a few train stops away.

Generator Hostel
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Generator Dublin

The Generator Dublin is an excellent hostel in Smithfield, just outside the reach of the party center. It is a short walk from Jameson Distillery and about a 15-minute walk from Temple Bar. So, close enough to party but far enough not to be bothered too much by the noise.

While the Generator Dublin is a hostel, its upscale and modern twist on industrial decor with exposed bricks, pipes, and reclaimed wood gives it the feel of a hotel.

Its social spaces include a bar, restaurant, and cinema room. It even boasts a jacuzzi suite — can you say affordable luxury?

Dorms are listed as mixed and female-only spaces with beds ranging from four to ten per room. These rooms have shared bathrooms with lockers and power outlets by the beds. They also offer twin, family, and single rooms with private bathrooms.

Abigail's Hostel
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Abigail’s Hostel

While Abigail’s Hostel is in Temple Bar, it is still in a great location close to public transportation. This means you’ll get to wherever within the city but without the crowds.

The hostel is kept simple, with dorm rooms having a few bunk beds and a shared bathroom. There are privacy curtains available for these beds, so you’ll have to book an en-suite twin or double room if you want some privacy.

The communal areas offer free Wi-Fi, a kitchen, a dining room, and gaming consoles. While not as fancy as other hostels, Abigail’s Hostel has a low average price which means it’s best for travelers on a shoestring budget.

Leevin Hostel George
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Leevin Hostel George

Are you looking for a quiet hostel north of the center with a tranquil garden and terrace? Leevin Hostel George is your answer. The building may seem unassuming as it’s built in an old Gregorian building standard of the area, but it’s quite lively.

The hostel has a study room, game room, spacious communal lounge, fireplace, and cafeteria. Of course, the garden and terrace are also great places to enjoy your coffee or sundowners. Throughout, you’ll get free Wi-Fi which is another great plus.

Despite the Gregorian architecture and decor, the dorm rooms are quite big and modern, with en-suite bathrooms. These rooms range from two to ten bunk beds per room, but each bunk has a power outlet, privacy curtains, and lockers for absolute safety and privacy.

Street in Dublin, Ireland

Benefits of Staying in Hostels in Dublin

  • You can save quite a few coins in cheap hostels, which you can spend on other things like tourist attractions.
  • Hostels are a great way to meet people, whether you’re traveling in a group or on a solo trip. Who knows, you might meet up with these friends somewhere else in the world, too. And, for example, if you’re spending New Year’s or Christmas in Dublin, you can meet people with whom to celebrate, which beats spending the holidays by yourself!
  • Most hostels have common areas that hotels don’t. These include helpful amenities like laundry facilities, a self-catering kitchen, or a lounge. These are also fantastic places to meet people and wind down after a long day.
  • As most people staying in hostels are solo travelers and unfamiliar with the area, sometimes these accommodations will offer city walking tours and day trips from Dublin to their guests.
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Temple Bar Corner in Dublin, Ireland

Things to Know Before Booking A Stay at Dublin Hostels

The hostels in Dublin are plentiful, but to get the finest experience out of your stay, you’ll need to keep a few points in mind.

Location is key

If you’re staying in any of these Ireland hostels, chances are that you’re hoping to explore the city. So, staying in a Dublin hostel with many attractions within walking distance is ideal. If you’re always ready for a good night out, then add party hostels to your itinerary.

However, if you’re not one for too much noise late at night, or have an early flight in the morning, then a hostel just outside the city center or near the airport is ideal.


Hostels are a great way to meet new people because of all the communal spaces. There are bunk beds for sleeping, shared bathrooms, and communal kitchens. However, this isn’t for everyone.

If you prefer your privacy to recharge after a long day of socializing and touring the city, consider getting a private room in a hostel instead. Many hostels offer this, as it’s especially great for solo travelers who love their space.

Hostels Don’t Always Equal Cheaper Deals

Keep in mind that the price you see on the site is the average nightly price for your stay. This means that it’s always a good idea to compare B&B, hotel, and hostel prices with each other to ensure you get the best deals.

Sunset boat in Dublin, Ireland

Have Any of These Dublin Hostels Caught Your Eye?

If you’re looking for a Dublin hostel during your stay in the capital city, you’re in luck because there are so many. You’ll find it here whether you’re looking for a cheap hostel in the city center or want a more laid-back stay in a good location for digital nomads.

Staying in these hostels is not only a great way to save money (on a jacuzzi suite) but also a great way to meet other travelers and be centrally located to the best attractions Dublin city has to offer.

Hostels in Dublin, Ireland -- 9 Top Stays in the City Center and Beyond
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