10 Things To Do On Khao San Road, Bangkok

10 Things To Do On Khao San Road, Bangkok

Khao San Road, a small road located in Bangkok’s metropolitan area, is the backpacker central in Thailand. Budget travelers are drawn here thanks to all the cheap accommodation, drinks, food, crazy atmosphere, and the unmistakable party and laid back scene.

Love it or hate it, this small street is full of things to do, so here are some of the things you will either love to do or challenge yourself to do.

Bangkok, Thailand

1. Stay up all night

Khao San Road never sleeps so you will find people walking the streets, partying, or just hanging around any time of the day. Some bars close around 2:00 am, but after that, the patrons flood the street by moving the party outside.

Actually, staying up all night was the first thing I did when I got to Bangkok.  I was immediately welcomed by a group of locals, travelers, lady-boys, hookers, ex-monks, and what not.

The least I can say is that it was crazy! Also, make sure to watch the monks as they walk out of the temples in the early morning hours.

If you’re up for partying all night long, I highly recommend staying in a hotel right on Khao San Road or at least in the Khao San area so you can take breaks through the night and have an easy, safe return to your hotel once your tired, waster, or whatever in between.

I recommend checking TripAdvisor for reviews on the best hotels in Khao San Road and their latest deals.

Bangkok, Thailand
About 6:00 am after a long and crazy night!

2. Drink

It’s almost inevitable to drink when you have so many bars lined up one next to the other.  The beer is relatively cheap and you can even buy the drinks by bucket!! Buckets usually come filled with whiskey (the local Sang Som) and Coke, but you can pick other drinks too.

When an establishment advertises with ‘We do not check IDs’, it is pretty sure you’ll find a crazy audience there.

3. Eat Bugs!

Ever cared to try a crunchy cockroach, grasshopper, spider, and even scorpion? You’re at the right place.  They’re fried, caramelized, and even sweet. Some are crunchy and some are gooey on the inside. Ewww…

Watch here how Adventurous Kate and Backpacking Matt ate a few bugs while at Khao San Road. Or, just look at my photo here!

Cockroaches and insects at Khao San Road

Southeast Asia travel Thailand

4. Get A Massage

THE good massage, I mean, the grandma-proof massage… Not only an hour of a traditional Thai massage is so cheap here (though cheaper if you get it outside of Bangkok) but also they’re soooo good and relaxing!  This is perfect to get rid of your tired self after a long day sightseeing.

5. Get A Tattoo

Ok, this one I didn’t do, but so many backpackers get a tattoo while staying at Khao San Road (especially after too many drinks).  It’s so easy to find a tattoo shop here; they are as common as souvenir shops and bars. Not into permanent ink? Get a henna tattoo… that one I did!

Bangkok, Thailand

6. People Watch and listen to the chaos

It is hard not to stare at all the chaos that will surround you. Young backpackers roam the streets, street vendors shout their products, lady-boys make their move, and tuk-tuk drivers try to scam you (I got scammed.  Ooh, the things I wish I knew before going to Thailand!).

Every ten feet there’s a different tune being played in a bar, store, or nightclub.  Of course, you will hear the backpacker anthems of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bob Marley, among others.  Don’t miss watching the street performers!

7. Shop and Bargain

There are so many street markets and stores selling everything from t-shirts, bohemian clothes, souvenirs, formal suits, tours, and what not. Since this is such a popular place, prices will be a bit high, so you will have a challenge bargaining… so this is the perfect place to fine-tune and master the art of bargaining.

8. Eat Street Food

Khao San area is one of the best places to stay thanks to all the delicious street food you can find there. You won’t go wrong trying the Pad Thai and Roti. There are so many street carts there that you will inevitably fall under their spell. But, their food is delicious and cheap.

For around 20 to 40 baht ($0.70 to $1.20) you can have a decent Pad Thai meal.  Finish it with a Roti (about the same price) -a type of pancake.  It is one of the best desserts I’ve had so far!

Khao San Road Street Food

9. Watch the Monks

Before, Khao San Road was known as a “religious road,” but not anymore. Now you might have to play “Where’s Waldo” with the monks since Khao San Road is filled with (drunk) travelers, but you will see some for sure; especially during the early hours in the morning (around 6am) when they come out of the temples in look for donated food from Buddhist followers.

Monks cannot ask for anything, so if you feel like donating some food, place it in front of them.

Bangkok, Thailand

10. Meet New Friends

Whether it’s by staying up all night (#1) or by chatting with the street cart lady, or by just being friendly with others, you will easily make friends while staying at Khao San Road. This is the backpacker’s mecca, so there’s always a friendly atmosphere.

Have you been here? What did you do?

10 Things to do on Khao San Road, Bangkok


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17 thoughts on “10 Things To Do On Khao San Road, Bangkok”

  1. #10 is always a good one no matter where you go. That looks like an incredibly busy road and can’t say that I would be up for an all nighter there. Maybe some of these tips are for the more young at heart! 🙂

    1. True… #10 is good anywhere you go! That road is incredibly busy. In fact, if you’re looking for a place to relax and have a good night sleep, avoid it at all cost since it is noisy and chaotic!

  2. I would love stay up all night, get a massage but skip the eat bug part. lol Maybe my fiance will do that but not me. I’m scared of bugs already..lol

  3. This is unbelievable but I have been to Bangkok twice but never KSR, I kept meaning to go people watch and always got distracted by other things.

  4. jamie - cloud people adventures

    sounds like 10 pretty awesome things to me!
    i wonder what the monks think of all the happenings as they make their way in the early morning.

    1. I’m sure they must be so used to the drunken chaos around them… What I wonder is how they deal with all the noise at the temple that is right next to KSR. ear plugs? lol Also, I bet they must take an advantage of KSR tourism since backpackers love to give food and donate goods just for the experience of giving something to the monks, thus making the monks life easier when trying to find food.

  5. Norbert-

    this has helped me tremendously. Planning a solo trip to Thailand in november. Can’t wait to experience all of this. Maybe even the bugs 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Stay up all night, binge on cheap alcohol, eat bugs, get a massage from unqualified and eploited workers subsisting beneath the poverty line and engage with hookers and low lifes. Sorry buddy, none of what you describe sounds remotely appealing or fun. Maybe it’s cool in the mindless fraternity/spring break holidays that you aspire to but to me it sounds pretty horrific. Each to there own pal, enjoy your next holiday…

  7. Iam travelling solo for 2 weeks in October staying at D and D inn right on Khoasan road, the place looks great, thanks for the info, can’t wait😊

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