5 Tips for Claiming Flight Delay Compensation with Delta Airlines

5 Tips for Claiming Flight Delay Compensation with Delta Airlines

Air passengers have rights that not many people know about. Among the common ones is the compensation for delayed or canceled flights.

While every airline might have a different policy, all of them have laid-out a process to compensate their clients for inconveniences caused by something going wrong with their planned flights.

One such airline is Delta. So, the next time you have a flight delay after reserving one with Delta airline, know that you are eligible for compensation.

But, before you try to make that claim, here are some tips that will help you get approved for compensation.

Tips for getting compensated for delayed Delta flights

One thing is for sure, you need to make your compensation claim the right way if you want to be successful. The following tips should help you get the compensation you deserve.

1.    Get straight to the point

While there may be multiple instances you think you should have been treated better by the airline, it is essential that you keep the discussion about why you should receive compensation brief and to the point.

2.    Retain your documents

Often times, passengers discard their documents when their flights have been canceled or delayed. It is a mistake they come to regret when filing compensation claims for the delay.

As such, you want to ensure that your documents are safe and readily available when needed.

With my passport, visa and boarding pass to North Korea
Keep your documents!

3.    Be calm

You have probably seen many people who couldn’t manage to keep their emotions in check when claiming compensations. It is very likely that it didn’t go well for them.

For this reason, you want to be calm and present your case professionally. This will increase your chances of getting the cash you deserve.

4.    Present your issue to the right person

It is essential to make sure that your case is heard and that would require that you complain to the right authority. A crew member may not be able to help you as much as the flight supervisor can.

5.    Use the right support

When you feel that claiming your compensation is too much of a task, you can get assistance by using the companies and organizations that help people follow up their compensation claims.

They do most of the work for you, especially if it is your first time, or you think you do not have adequate knowledge to make the claim.

What can you get in case of a delay?

Delta Airlines flight delay compensation packages come in various forms. If you choose to use the flight anyway, you can claim monetary compensation.

AirHelp takes care of these compensation packages not only for Delta flights but also for most airlines.

If you don’t take the trip, you should get a refund of your airfare including all of the connections, refreshments, and accommodations if the delay is overnight.


How to complain

You should direct your complaints to the airline officials, but if that proves difficult, use their social media platform to get the attention you need.

Should the airline not give you what you expected, you can use the claim companies mentioned above to take care of it on your behalf.

When it is unlikely to be compensated

There are times your compensation claim is justified, but others may require that you make the best of the situation.

In most instances, if not all, such times are when the cause of the delay is beyond the control of the airline. The following are the times when Delta airline will not compensate you for delayed flights.

1.     Bad weather

When you look at it, delay due to bad weather is more of a safety concern than that of an inconvenience. It is a good thing that your flight doesn’t take off due to an incoming tornado or thunderstorm.

This will also be the case if your destination’s weather is not favorable for flight takeoff and landing. In such cases, you will not be compensated.

Snowy day in New Zealand

2.     Terror threats

Another reason, although it is rare, for the delay or sometimes cancellation of flights is terror threats. This is a security concern that Delta airline will not want to take chances on. As such, air passengers will not be compensated.

3.     Air traffic control

When the patterns in the sky for the planes are full, and the air traffic controller deems it right to stop any plane takeoff, you can be sure that the airline will have no control over it. If this is the cause of your flight delay, you will not be compensated.

4.     Equipment failure at the airport

One thing you should note is that the airport is one big space with many players, and your airline is one of them.

The runway might need maintenance or a piece of equipment fails in the airport thereby causing flight delays. If that is beyond the control of your airline, do not expect to be compensated.

When your claim is justified

In conclusion, if your Delta flight was delayed and it was due to problems that the airline could correct, you are eligible for compensation. Make sure to follow the right procedure and get support if you need any.

Have you ever filed a compensation claim with Delta airlines? How did you manage to make the process easier for you? Share your stories in the comments below.

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24 thoughts on “5 Tips for Claiming Flight Delay Compensation with Delta Airlines”

  1. We took a Delta airplane from Atlanta to Belize City. The plan e experienced mechanical problems and had to land in Orlando for another plane that arrived in Belize City about 4 hours late. As a result, we lost the last connection to the place in Belize we were scheduled to go. We had prepaid that hotel and they would not just cancel. Nevertheless, we had to book a hotel near the airport and take a local plane next morning (without an extra booking charge). But the hotel refused to cancel their room and as a result, we had not only to pay for the hotel near the Belize airport but also lost the daily charge for the hotel at our destination.
    I submitted a bill for that daily charge plus the charges relating to be stuck at Belize City for a night.
    Delta seems to be reluctant to foot the total bill: “we are not responsible for prepaid accommodations.” They argue that is their policy, but have not come up making that policy visible to the public, as I demanded.
    I am determined to pursue this wherever it goes.

    1. Did you have travel insurance for this trip? If you had the cancellation/delay protection the insurance will take care of that. Just submit the claim with them. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll have to take the loss. AirHelp (linked above) might help with the delay compensation from the airline, not the hotel.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Actress “accepting” the loss. Sue them in small claims court. I did and added extra for court costs and fees. Two days before court date they called and we settled

  2. We boarded Delta from Atlanta to Dulles, Washington. The plane delayed for two hours due to mechanical problems. As a result we missed our connection flight from Washington to Accra. Delta has only provided accommodation and food but doesn’t want to take responsibility for making us miss our SA flight to Accra as SA says we should pay for another ticket to Accra. We are going to pursue this because Delta ought to compensate us for causing us this great inconvenience .

  3. Donna Templeton

    On Saturday may 4 th we was supposed to fly out at 10:27am the plane had been there all night and the worker who pulled the plane to gate somehow was bringing the plane to gate when he Bent the tow Bar on plane we didnt get to fly out he broke the plane we sat for 4 hours waiting on another plane finally a plane was brought over from Atlanta to take us to mexico we was 6 hours Late to resort to get checked in in time our Rooms was given away and just horrible Travel day had to get rooms without ocean Views flight AM3035 may 4 2019 our resort was over hour drive from cancun .

  4. We had a flight from Raliegh to Atlanta and a connecting flight from there to Stuttgart. The first flight was already stated about 15 min late before we departed and they were looking for volunteers to take another flight. Once boarded we we´re sitting on the plane for about 45 min. Before boarding we heard that staff was saying the flight is totally booked out. On the plane the captain said something about the delay being due to an overbooked flight and two passengers (with their luggage) were exiting the plane. We arrived in ATL about an hour later and therefore missed our connecting flight. We were running to the gate, the aircraft was still there but boarding was completed. They gave us an alternative flight the next day, 24h later. After talking to one of the ladies at the desk she admitted it was the airlines fault and they gave us a hotel voucher. I´m still positive we are eligible to get compensation. Any advice on that?

  5. We had to flew from El Paso (Delta) thru Atlanta (Air France) thru Paris (Air France) to Ljubljana (Slovenia). As there was a 1 hour and 30 min delay on first flight we missed other flights. Because of that, we came 24 hours later to final destination. The original flight should started on 23rd and finished on 24th in the evening. At the end we came to a final destination on 25th in afternoon. Delta gave us a hotel, transportation and meals in Atlanta. How is with compensation claim?

  6. On the 28th June we had a flight booked with Virgin leaving Heathrow fight no. VS9 at 15.45 arriving JFK 18.45. Departing JFK 21.10 arriving Pittsburgh 22.55
    We booked Virgin Economy Delight and Delta Comfort at extra cost.
    Our first Virgin flight was delayed. Desk clerk transferred us to a Delta flight DL19 from Heathrow to Detroit but the comfort section was full. We ended up in main cabin. We paid extra on fight ticket for comfort. After sitting on runway approx 1 hour. We were told there was a problem with plane. We had to disembark. The plane part had to be flown in from Paris. We were given a meal voucher. We finally got back on plane at 19.15 missing our connection. When arriving at Detroit we were given a travel voucher and Hoilday Inn hotel overnight. On arriving at hotel after an hour told there was no room at hotel. Taxi back to airport. Alldelta desks were shut. Found a Delta staff member in the left luggage dept. It is now 2am. The lady found us another hotel. Changed our flight to 12pm 29th. We lost a day of our holiday.

  7. Shereen Watson-Tennant

    My connecting flight to LGA New York was cancelled on Wednesday July 17, I do understand that Delta doesn’t compensate for bad weather however I believe I should be compensated for the fact that I was travelling with three children and we had to stay up for an entire night in the airport without food and this experience was a nasty one for the kids and myself. Waiting to hear from you

  8. 7/19/19, My daughter boarded a Delta flight from SFO to ATL at 6:15AM with a 4:25pm connection to BHM. The purpose of the flight is a noon wedding 7/20/19. All was well until they approached bad weather in ATL. After circling for 2 hours, landed in Nashville to refuel. 2 hours later, they’re on our way to ATL. Needless to say connection is gone and rebooked on 6PM flight. The connecting flight is almost fully boarded when they’re notified the flight was canceled – No reason given, and weather is perfectly clear in both cities. Rebooked on next flight… canceled. Rebooked again… canceled. Now rebooked for 8PM flight on Sat 7/20, but can go standby on 11PM flight — where the luggage will be even if she isn’t – Delta will not retrieve the bags. Customer service line has a 6 hour callback estimate. Local customer service refuses to book hotel and will not issue meal vouchers. Basically the big FU. Rental car to B’ham is $450. Prepaid hotel is going unused and she’ll arrive 10 hours after the wedding. I happen to live in the Atlanta area so was able to pick her up and drive to Birmingham saturday morning – just make the wedding. After 4 attempts to cancel the 8PM flight we give up – she’ll be a no-show on that flight.

    At a minimum, we’ll be seeking the canceled flight fee, partial hotel fee, meals, Uber charges and gas money. We’ll also be seeking a free future flight. I’ll let you’all know how it goes.

  9. DELTA. Also known as: Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport. So disappointed every time. I travel the world and just about every airline can handle their shit. When I return to the US Delta fucks it up every time. They have no consistency. Baggage? Expensive, uninsured, and often misplaced. Flights? Overbooked to the point that they ask passengers to give up their seats. You sprinted across the airport to make your gate in time? Neat. Gate has been reassigned randomly to the international terminal. Wtf not? No concern whatsoever for the customer. Its always a situation. Just. Do. Your. Fucking. Job.

  10. Delta representative was 45 minutes reporting for duty to board flight. An announcement was made “due to staff shortage, the flight from Toronto to New York will be delayed by half hour”. Seven passengers had a connecting flight to Antigua with other connections following. The plane made up time and we arrived with 15 minutes to get connecting flight which had left the gate 20 minutes earlier than schedule. We were stranded and together sought a solution fro Delta. We were told the delay was mechanical difficulty (lie….we all heard the announcement). We were told there were no other flights that day of the next. Reps(4 at least in the hours that followed) were rude and condescending and refused to identify themselves.
    We waited 14 hours, told Delta would not provide hotel accommodation or food vouchers. Late that evening we were told we would be sent to SanJuan on the basis the closer we got to our final destination the better our chances of getting to our final destination at our own expense. We were guaranteed our luggage would be in San Juan upon arrival (another lie). It was well past midnight so we banded together to share hotel accommodation at the airport.

    In the morning all except myself got a seat on Seaborne to Antiqua. We were at the desk at 6 a.m. and only after more than two hours with the San Juan Delta agent was i told that because I was vision impaired another passenger would be bumped. However, the flight had several vacant seats at take off.
    My final destination. Was St. kitts (home). I was informed in Antiqua there was nothing available for at least two days, the others I had shared this misery with managed to board for their various destinations but now I was alone with no helpers, clean clothes and running out of money. I had no choice but stay and wait at the airport. For 8 hours I hung close to the only rep booth for LIAT who worked her butt off for me and managed to get me on a flight from Dominica making a shortstop in Antigua. I had to pay for that flight which had already been paid for with my original booking. I am 73 years old and after such an ordeal I have had to seek medical help. I will never fly Delta again and probably never fly again. I am Canadian and have filed a formal complaint with Canada Transportation.

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