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You love exploring the great outdoors, but you need to carry all your belongings with you… which can be a bit of a pain.

From the breathtaking Andes Mountains in South America to the bustling cities of Europe, there are plenty of destinations for you to discover.

So, when you’re hiking or doing any form of traveling, it’s essential you have the most comfortable bag around. Osprey has emerged as one of the finest backpack providers in the world. But how good are Osprey backpacks, really?

I’ve traveled quite a bit, and a lot of the time, I’ve had some pack strapped to my back.

In this honest review, you’ll learn about the best Osprey backpacks around, from comfortable hiking backpacks to convenient hydration packs for cyclists.

With this in-depth guide, you’ll know how to choose the right backpack for your ultimate journey around the globe (or just down the street!).

The list is divided into two main sections. The first section lists 5 great Osprey backpacks for travel, while the second lists five excellent Osprey backpacks for hiking, camping, and backpacking.

The Top 5 Osprey Backpacks For Traveling

For convenience and reassurance, here are the best Osprey packs for any form of travel. These can be from short hikes along your weekend trails to weekend trips and anything in between.

Note: Backpack sizes are described in liters, which is the volume capacity you can carry in the backpack as measured in liters. For example, an Osprey 26 has a 26 liters capacity.

Osprey Farpoint Series Backpacks

1. Osprey Transporter 40 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage


  • Lock-friendly zippers for extra security.
  • A padded laptop sleeve with a hidden RFID pocket.


  • While fairly sturdy, wheels can break if the product is used roughly.
  • A lack of several access points.

Key features:

  • A HighRoad chassis that can withstand rough handling
  • Oversized flap to protect your Osprey pack in bad weather
  • Large wheels to tackle different terrains

The Osprey Transporter 40 is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a compact travel backpack that frees your shoulders of extra weight. It’s perfect for flights, as it meets most airline carry-on regulations.

I actually consider it the best Osprey backpack for travelers.

While compact, the bag has a 40-liter capacity and comes with many handy compartments, such as toiletries and back-panel pockets. With features like internal compression panels and mesh pockets, you can squeeze in any extra items.

The Transporter also comes in 60, 90, and 120 liters, though those bigger backpacks are no longer carry-on sizes.

2. Osprey Farpoint 55 Men’s Travel Backpack


  • Slash pocket for phones and glasses.
  • Internal compression straps for extra strength.
  • Comes with an AirCover rain cover


  • Little interior padding for devices.
  • It’s too large to use as carry-on baggage.

Key features:

  • Adjustable backpack straps and back panel for a comfortable fit
  • Compatible with Farpoint, Fairview Travel, or Daylite packs
  • Sleeping bag straps

The Osprey Farpoint 55 backpack is one of the best multi-functional travel packs for men. With more than enough space, you can fit up to 50 pounds of luggage in the main compartment and detachable daypack.

An adjustable stowaway hip belt helps support your back and ensures your bag is safe from potential theft. Although the detachable daypack is slightly flimsy, the main compartment has lockable sliders to keep everything secure.

The Farpoint also comes in 40, 70, and 80 liters in the travel style and 75 liters in the trekking style. It is the perfect combination of a backpack and travel pack, perfect for longer hiking trips.

3. Osprey Fairview 40 Women’s Travel Backpack


  • It’s carry-on sized.
  • Extra padded shoulder straps.


  • It’s top-heavy when fully packed.
  • The laptop sleeve has no protective padding.

Key features:

  • Lightweight design thanks to the LightWire frame
  • External toiletries pocket
  • Removable harness and hip belt
Osprey Daylight Series Backpacks

The Osprey Fairview 40 has a spacious internal compartment where you can fit just about everything for your trip. Although there is no detachable daypack, external compression straps and a stowaway hip belt keep the pack snug to your body.

There is also a padded shoulder strap for an alternate carry option. With a specific female fit, this is one of the best Osprey women’s backpacks.

The Fairview also comes in 50, 55, and 70 liters capacity if you’re looking to carry more for longer trips.

4. Osprey Daylite Daypack


  • It can attach to a variety of Osprey packs.
  • A comfortable back panel.


  • Not a lot of interior space if you’re looking to carry a lot.
  • The shoulder strap adjustments are limited.

Key features:

  • Smaller daypack perfect for single-day hiking
  • Made from recycled fabrics
  • Spacious main compartment to fit 14″ laptop

With only a 13-liter capacity, the Osprey Daylite Daypack is a fantastic option if you want a lightweight, durable bag that can attach to other Osprey packs.

The front pocket has great organization compartments, while the main pouch can accommodate laptops, books, and much more.

You can save some space in the bag by using the mesh water bottle pockets located on the sides of the pack. It’s made with recycled materials and has extra safety thanks to the waist strap, making this one of the best Osprey daypacks.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Osprey Daylite family comes with a variety of products that include a waist bag, sling, tote bag, duffel, and kids bag.

5. Osprey Airporter Backpack Travel Cover


  • It provides extra protection for your luggage.
  • It folds into a small pouch for easy transportation.
  • It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.


  • It only accommodates bags under 50 pounds.
  • The shoulder strap is excessively long.

Key features:

  • Can work as a packable duffel bag for extra gear
  • ID card window
  • Protects backpacks while traveling.

Okay, this isn’t a backpack, exactly. Instead, it is a sort of backpack cover, that comes with several features.

The Osprey Airporter is the perfect way to keep all your valuables safe during flights or any other form of transportation. With large lockable zippers, you can calmly travel knowing everything is secure. And let’s not forget the bag is also water resistant.

The side-carry handle, top handle, and shoulder strap mean you have a variety of ways to carry the bag.

The 5 Best Osprey Backpacking Backpacks (and Hiking Backpacks too!)

From travel to the outdoors, here are the best Osprey backpacking packs for all adventurers. These are not just for your everyday travel – they’re for the long haul, when you need to carry your gear comfortably.

1. Osprey Hikelite 26



  • Shoulder straps are restricting for people with wide frames.
  • The water bottle pouch doesn’t work well.

Key features:

  • External access zip pocket and key clip
  • Extra space in mesh pockets on the sides
  • Pole loops
Osprey Daypack for Travel

For one of the best lightweight backpacks, the Osprey Hikelite 26 is an ideal option. In addition to 26 liters, it also comes in 18 liters and 32 liters, should you wish to opt for a small or bigger hiking backpack.

It’s a comfortable bag as the trampoline back maintains airflow, and the internal scratch-resistant pocket is perfect for glasses or devices.

Although the side mesh pockets are not ideal for water bottles, you’ll have access to a 3-liter internal hydration sleeve. The trekking pole attachments and a sternum strap with a whistle make this the best lightweight bag for shorter hikes.

2. Osprey Talon Pro 20 Men’s Hiking Backpack


  • Lidlock helmet attachment.
  • Two zippered hip-belt pockets for smaller equipment.


  • No attached rain cover sleeve.
  • It can carry a maximum weight of 20 pounds (unless you go with the bigger model).

Key features:

  • NanoFly fabric for durability
  • YKK external zippers
  • Internal hydration reservoir sleeve
Osprey Talon Series Backpacks
Image by Osprey Packs on Facebook

The Osprey Talon Pro 20 is a fantastic pack designed to accommodate a variety of male frames. It also comes in 30 and 40 liters if you need a larger pack.

The extendable straps and wide frame mean this Osprey hiking backpack can fit most men comfortably, and the Airscape back panel maintains airflow behind your back, even on the sweatiest hiking excursions.

The backpack has fantastic features, such as an external hydration sleeve, shoulder strap pockets for devices, and deep water bottle pockets.

The tuck-away ice axe attachment and side compression straps mean you can fit everything in one comfortable backpack for every adventure.

3. Osprey Sirrus 24 Women’s Hiking Backpack


  • Integrated rain cover sleeve.
  • Trekking pole and ice tool loop attachments.


  • Limited to a weight of 25 pounds. (unless you go with a bigger model)
  • Not ideal for taller people as it can sit awkwardly on the back.

Key features:

  • AirSpeed suspension system
  • Slim design perfect for trail running
  • Zippered front pocket and hip belt pockets
Osprey Sirrus Series Backpacks
Image by Osprey Packs on Facebook

If you’re looking for a comfortable backpack that ticks all the boxes for a day hike, then the Osprey Sirrus 24 is the ideal pick. There are unique features like the hip belt pockets and top panel stash pockets for smaller items you may need on the go.

The airflow back panel is adjustable according to your torso length, and the waist straps allow for a snug fit. Although there is no hydration bladder, the pack does come with a hydration sleeve for a bladder of up to 3 liters.

The Sirrus also comes in 34, 36, and 44 liters should you be looking for a bigger backpack for overnight hiking or backpacking.

4. Osprey Raptor 10 Men’s Bike Hydration Backpack


  • LidLock helmet attachment.
  • Stores up to 2.5 liters of liquids in the hydraulic reservoir.


  • No integrated rain cover.
  • The water hose is short.

Key features:

  • Scratch-free zippered pocket for sunglasses or devices
  • Hip belt pockets for easy access to smaller items
  • Reflective patch
Osprey Raptor Katsumi Series Backpacks
Image by Osprey Packs on Facebook

The Osprey Raptor 10 is one of the leading backpacks for cyclists and trail runners due to its compact size and ability to carry plenty of water. It also comes in a slightly bigger 14-liter and a much bigger 18-liter model.

Some of the top features include the removable roll-up tool pouch, which can securely hold plenty of biking essentials.

The hip belt pockets are perfect for keeping snacks nearby, and the airflow system means there’s plenty of back ventilation. Although the water hose is slightly shorter than would be convenient, the bag has handy blinker light attachments and reflective material.

5. Osprey Kitsuma 7 Women’s Bike Hydration Backpack


  • Blinker light attachments.
  • Bike tool organization compartment.


  • No LidLock helmet attachment.
  • Limited to a maximum capacity of 7 pounds.

Key features:

  • 2.5 L hydraulics sleeve
  • Blinker light attachment
  • Scratch-free slash pocket

The Osprey Kitsuma 7 is the ideal cycling, hiking, and daypack if you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking a compact bag. The 2.5-liter hydraulics hydration pack is perfect for longer rides or runs (or walks around the city), and the stretch mesh side pockets mean you can store small items conveniently.

Although there is limited space, this compact bag adjusts to just about every body type, and the Airscape back panel maintains airflow around the back.

It also comes in 3 and 1.5 liters capacity.

What to Look for in Osprey Bags: A Buyer’s Guide

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when picking out your Osprey backpack.

Man Hiking in Forest with a Backpack


The bag you choose for your adventures honestly depends on your plans. If you intend to cycle, you’ll need a different bag from a hiking bag. Here are the styles and what travel they are best for:

  • Wheeled Bags – These are ideal for flight and intercity travel. They are best for regions with well-paved, smooth surfaces. Larger wheels may be able to tackle more uneven surfaces, like cobblestone streets or gravel roads.
  • Hiking Bags – As you can imagine, these bags are best for hiking and most forms of trekking. These are often lightweight bags that can carry up to 70 pounds.
  • Hydration Bags – These are best used for mountaineering or cycling as it’s a convenient way to carry water with you.
  • Sling Pack – These lightweight bags rest on your back over one shoulder. They are ideal for short hikes and mini excursions.


There’s nothing worse than having to dig in your bag looking for gear and supplies. For this reason, I recommend getting a bag with convenient side and front pockets for smaller supplies and one larger body pocket for larger equipment. 

Look for backs with mesh side pockets, water bottle holders, straps for your sleeping bag, and zip pockets to keep everything safe.


Depending on where you plan to travel and the conditions you intend to journey through, you’ll want a bag that has some waterproof features. 

Several bags have a light waterproof lining inside. But to keep the outside dry, you’ll want the Osprey Ultralight Packliner. Note: Some of the Osprey packs listed above come with rain cover included.


Extra pockets are always helpful, but also consider other features you may need the bag to have. For example, a laptop section is useful if working while enjoying an unconventional life of travel. You might also want a scratch-free pocket for sunglasses or a hydration sleeve if you plan on going trail running or cycling.

Consider your needs, and choose your Osprey backpack accordingly.

My Final Thoughts on the Best Osprey Backpacks

With these Osprey backpacks review in hand, you’ll be able to find the best pack for your every need. Whether you are an avid adventurer or a digital nomad, Osprey has a wide variety of backpacks that suit just about everyone.

Now that you know the pros and cons of each bag and what to expect – look at this recommended travel gear list so you’re packed and ready for your next journey.

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