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By Norbert Figueroa, an experienced architect, travel writer, long-term budget traveler, and photographer with over 13 years of travel experience in over 139 countries and counting. @globotreks

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As a backpacker, the norm of packing is to go light. But still, many backpackers overpack like if they were rewarded by the pound.

In addition, even when you pack light, as your trip progresses, it is sometimes difficult to manage to keep that load as light as possible.

So, if you’re one of those who carry a lot of dead load in the back, here are some of the benefits of packing light that might inspire you to lighten the load.


1.  You’ll have better control of what you have (inventory). This is great to access what you need quickly when you’re on the move and it’s also great to keep things organized.

2.  It’s easier to carry for longer distances and lets you maintain an agile pace without draining your energy.

3.  It is less likely you will hit someone with your backpack as you turn around on crowded spaces and you’ll have better control and be faster when you run like crazy to catch that train or flight.

4.  It’s so much easier to pack your stuff back or find something in your backpack in a dark hostel room or sleeper train compartment at 4 am, without waking up everyone.

5.  You can take it as a carry-on on your flights. This takes away the worries about lost luggage and you don’t waste your time at baggage claim.

6.  It is easier (and cheaper) to store it on the train station lockers and you’ll have better chances that your backpack will fit at the usually small hostel’s locker.  Better peace of mind…

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7.  You will have extra space for souvenirs.

8.  You pack only the essentials. When you overpack, you usually take stuff that you will never use. So, why carry all that dead load?

9.  You’ll get compliments from other backpackers (who carry a lot of dead loads) on how light you are traveling. I’ve gotten a lot of those over the years! With only a 40L backpack, I’m a light packer! This is what I’m carrying.

10.  Your back and feet will appreciate it!! Take care of them, or you’ll feel the pain halfway on your trip.

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