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Has it happened to you that you want to travel somewhere, but you haven’t been able to persuade any of your friends to travel with you?

And just because of that, you decide not to travel since you don’t want to go by yourself? Well, this is something that happens very often.

A lot of people are afraid of traveling alone, especially if it is to a foreign country with a completely different culture. But this shouldn’t be your reason not to travel. You should know that you could still have an amazing trip while traveling solo.

I have traveled by myself to many countries as well as with groups of 6 to 30+ friends. Obviously, traveling with friends and traveling by yourself have a different effect on how you spend and enjoy your trip.

So, I’ll describe briefly these two travel styles according to my experience.

In La Paz, Bolivia
With some of my best travel companions in South America.

Traveling solo

If you are brave enough to consider traveling by yourself, you should know beforehand some of the pros and cons of this traveling style.


  • When you travel solo, you manage your trip as you wish. You do what you want, when you want, how you want.
  • Your itinerary can be changed at any time according to your priorities.
  • Meeting other people is really easy since you are open to interacting with other travelers. (one of the best pros!)
  • You learn, develop, and personalize travel techniques.
  • You learn to be completely independent.


  • It forces you to overcome your shyness. (it really does…)
  • Traveling alone can be intimidating.
  • Sometimes you don’t have someone to share your stories and memories with.
  • Everything is dependent on you, and you have to be able to make decisions by yourself.
  • You are dependent on other people to take your pictures.

Just so you know, I am generally considered a shy person, but when traveling by myself, I tend to be really open, outspoken, and sociable. I have made many friends when traveling by myself, and some of them have become lifelong friends.

Solo travel on an F road to Mt. Maelifell
Traveling solo in the middle of nowhere in Iceland.

Traveling with a Companion

If you are not up for the challenge of traveling solo and like to roam with company, you should consider some of its pros and cons and know how they can influence your trip.


  • You can share some of the costs with your companions. (big pro!)
  • There is always someone who can take your pictures or take your pictures with you.
  • You can talk and share your stories and memories with someone.
  • Traveling with someone can develop a long-lasting friendship.
  • You don’t feel the pressure of making every decision.


  • Companions are not always people you know well and trust. This can turn a trip into an uncomfortable situation.
  • Traveling in a group can make meeting other travelers a difficult task. Groups tend to portray “exclusivity” and shun other travelers away.
  • Your travel styles can be completely different. You mike like a more adventurous trip, while your companions might like a more laid-back trip.
  • Not everyone is compatible. Spending every single minute of the trip with the same person can be annoying. Friendships can be lost over this.
  • A good trip can turn into a nightmare when trying to decide on something between you and your companions. This can bring a lot of arguments.  (believe me, I have seen it happen)

Before you start planning your next trip, consider first if you want it to be a companion experience (and more importantly, with who?), or if you want it to be an open solo trip. Both options are good ways to travel; it just depends on your preferences and pairing.

Sharing with hosts in Japan
With my hosts and friends in Japan.

I could say that there is a happy medium between these two options, which is finding a random companion.

There are several websites/apps where you can post and see post requests from other travelers who want to find a companion for their trip. Some of these are Backpackr and Travello. There’s also Tourlina, which is only for female travelers.

Alternatively, you can opt to take a tour with companies like G Adventures, where they already do all the leg work to plan and organize everything. All you have to do is show up, meet your new travel companions, and enjoy the experience!

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