Why guest post at GloboTreks?

Guest posting offers an opportunity to reach a new audience and to build your freelance travel writer portfolio.

Who can guest post?

Bloggers in the travel niche and related niches. Other niches can be considered upon review. Guest bloggers must have an active blog.

What types of features/articles I’m looking to publish at GloboTreks?

I look for any type of travel stories, tips, how-to, and articles that can inform the readers on interesting destinations, events, or methods of traveling. Single photos and photo essays are also welcomed.

Some terms and guidelines to follow:

  • Guest posts should be about topics not previously covered on the site.
  • Posts should be fresh content.  Not a copy of something previously published.
  • Posts should be between 500-1300 words long.
  • It should include at least 1 photo (or at least 2 if the post is over 700 words).  You should have the rights to publish those images and give proper credit if they were not taken by you.   Flickr Creative Commons is also accepted with the proper source link.  Images minimum width: 600px.
  • While you don’t have to be a professional writer, I do expect your article to be easy to read and to contain good grammar and punctuation. Please, proofread before submitting.
  • Submit a short bio (2 or 3 sentences) with a backlink to your blog (not another site). This is the only place where backlinks to your blog are accepted.  If there are links in the body of the post, they should add value to the content.  All links will be reviewed to be appropriate.
  • You own the rights to the content and may request to have it removed from GloboTreks.com at any time, if requested.
  • Please, guest post with good and valuable content, not with a post you don’t want to publish on your blog or just because you are looking for a link back to improve SEO.

Feel free to look at the posts of previous guest bloggers to have an idea.

What do you receive in return for your guest post?

  • First of all, the credit for your own work.
  • Exposure to a new audience
  • A link back to your blog. If you have a Facebook fan page and Twitter, these will also be included in the bio.
  • Promotion through GloboTreks social network. I also encourage you to promote it through your social network too for an even bigger exposure.
  • A huge appreciation and hopefully a great sharing relationship.

How to submit a guest post?

Contact me with your post idea or with the post if it is already written. I will respond within 3 days, and depending on the site’s schedule, it could be published within the following 3 weeks.

Please use the contact me form or email norbert(at)globotreks(dot)com

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