Why should you advertise at GloboTreks?

GloboTreks is a travel blog focused on providing information and tips for backpacking and independent travel, how to plan a budget trip, how to travel around the world, destinations, and adventures on the road.

Since its creation, GloboTreks has rapidly grown and formed a strong following that has allowed it to be included in various Top 100 Travel Blogs lists.

Who does GloboTreks targets?

  • Backpackers
  • Independent travelers
  • International travelers
  • Young travelers
  • Gap year travelers
  • Travelers looking to work abroad
  • Travel bloggers

What are GloboTreks readers interested in?

  • International and domestic travel
  • Travel and destination tips
  • Travel planning tips
  • Gear and book reviews
  • Adventurous activities
  • Budget travel
  • Working abroad
  • How to backpack the world

What’s in it for you?

Some of the benefits of advertising on GloboTreks.com over “traditional media” outlets include:

  • An increased exposure for your brand to travel-minded individuals who can become potential customers/followers.
  • A connection with a targeted and active audience who is looking to get informed and inspired, and then get on the road.
  • A personalized and creative approach to promoting your product/service/destination.
  • A well delivered social media promotion.

For more information, download GloboTreks’ Media Kit.


Site Stats – December 2017

Alexa Ranking: 247,312
Monthly Traffic: 90,000+
Monthly Page Views: 105,000+
Demographics: 47% of visitors are from the United States, 8% from Canada, 7% from the United Kingdom, and 3% from Australia.
Page Rank: 4
Facebook Fan Page “likes”: 8,600+
Twitter Followers: 5,600+
Klout Influence: 63
*The previous information is based on Google Analytics, unless otherwise noted.


Forms of Advertising

Ad Option 1 – Post Sponsorship (Text Link Ad With Supporting Text Below The Content)

A 1-2 sentence description with one link to be placed below the post’s content. The text link will display the anchor text of your choice. It can be added to a previously published post or to a yet to be published post. Rates are on a yearly basis.

Ad Option 2 – Sponsored Post

A promotional or informative post with a contextual link. The text link will display the anchor text of your choice.  The sponsored post content can be provided by you with your links of choice, as long as it appeals to GloboTreks’ audience.  Otherwise, new content will be written according to the sponsored links.   Minimum word count is 500+. Rate is on a yearly basis.

Ad Option 3 – Product Review

If you have a travel product, service, or website that you think might appeal GloboTreks’ audience and would like to have reviewed in a blog post, you may have the option of purchasing a sponsored review.  Each review will express my honest opinion based on my testing and/or experience.  Reviews range from 300 – 800 words in length and are featured on the homepage for a period no less than a week. The post will have the appropriate links back to your site.

Travel Sponsorship

If you’re looking for an experienced traveler and travel writer to spread the word about your product, service, or destination; please contact me for further information.  I currently accept press trips as a solo traveler.   In return for reduced and/or complimentary services, you’ll receive blog posts, YouTube videos, and/or other promotional methods as agreed on.  The content produced remains permanent as part of GloboTreks.com content, resulting in increased exposure to readers interested in your product/service/destination.

*All forms of advertising/sponsorship will be properly labeled as such at the end of each post.

For more information, download GloboTreks’ Media Kit.


For all current rates, sponsorship options, and PR inquiries please use the contact form or email norbert(at)globotreks(dot)com.