New Roads Ahead

New Roads Ahead

Today is a bittersweet day. I’m sad that it is my last day in Belize, but I’m excited that many new adventures lie ahead.

During my three months in Belize, I visited the whole country and experienced the beauty of its pristine nature, the history, and culture of the Maya, Garifuna, and Kriol, dove the second biggest barrier reef in the world, and fell in love with Caye Caulker.

Not only did I enjoy Belize as a country, but I also made many new friends, some of them very special to my heart.  Also, I want to give my greatest thanks to Matador Network and Belize Tourism Board for trusting me with this incredible project and experience.

Marco Gonzales in San Pedro, Belize

Now, even though I’m leaving Belize today, I’m still not quite done with all I want to share with you about this little country often referred to as “nature’s best-kept secret”.

Also, I want to congratulate Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons of Four Tickets Please as she now takes the role of the new Road Warrior.  And you know what? Her stories will be yummy!  She’s a foodie! So, I encourage you to follow her journey through Belize as she tastes all the delicious food that I enjoyed (and made me gain 14 pounds!) and much more.

What’s next?

My Round the World will now take me to the Middle East!  I’ll be starting in Israel and will make my way around the region, including Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, so far…  I will keep you posted on Facebook and Twitter as I hop between places.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

I also want to announce that I will be collaborating with HostelBookers. I’m excited about this collaboration as I will have the opportunity to experience many cool and interesting hostels during the next couple months, and you will get to see how is the backpacking experience in each of them.

I’ve used HostelBookers many times before, so I know that their booking process is really simple and straightforward and they have a good quality listing of not only hostels, but also apartments, bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, hotels, and even campsites.  In addition, I like the fact that they have no booking fee (why waste part of our limited budget on that?!) and if you find the same accommodation at another site for a cheaper rate, they’ll refund double the difference.

Let the two-day (4 flights) journey from Belize to Israel start now!


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20 thoughts on “New Roads Ahead”

  1. Norbert-

    You were a fantastic Road Warrior and I enjoyed your posts so much. I wish you wonderful, fascinating journeys ahead, and I look forward to traveling with you vicariously through your writing and your photos.

  2. Your posts on Belize were awesome Norbert! Have great travels in Israel and (even more looking forward to) India! 🙂

  3. So bittersweet! You did some amazing things down in Belize, and again, glad I got to see you while you were there. Bummed we won’t cross paths in Egypt, but looking forward to your posts and pictures. See you this summer hopefully in Europe. Best of luck on your upcoming journey!

    1. Thanks Erin! I was so happy I got to meet you again in Caye Caulker! It is one of those memorable moments of my time in Belize. Shame we won’t cross paths in Egypt, but I hope it works out in Europe! 🙂

  4. Norbert, it was really nice meeting you and spending some fun time in San Pedro. I hope you have a great time in Israel and keep us posted with lots of photos.
    Until next time buddy 🙂

  5. I’ve really enjoyed following your adventures in Belize (in fact, they’ve inspired my upcoming trip). Now look forward to traveling vicariously through the Middle East.
    Congrats and safe travels.

    1. Hey Jeff! I’m glad my adventures in Belize have inspired your upcoming trip! As always, if you have any questions about Belize (where to go, what to do…) feel free to ask me!

  6. Hi Norbert! I recently started following your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your travels! Also wanted to note the interesting choice of starting your next journey in israel.. Wouldn’t it be difficult to get into Jordan/Syria/ other areas of the middle east afterwards? I remember that was one of my concerns on my last trip so I didn’t make it to Israel. In any case, best of luck and I look forward to more updates on this blog!

    1. Hi Sharon! Welcome!
      Oh yes… starting in Israel… that is a good question. We’ll logistically I know it is not the best choice since their stan will limit me from traveling to certain arab countries. Entry to Jordan with the Israeli stamp is ok though, but Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Irak, Sudan, and a few others are now off limits to me until I renew my passport or get a secondary passport. It is possible to have the Israeli customs stamp a piece of paper instead of your passport, and likewise on your exit, but in my case I didn’t ask for that since I will be doing multiple land crossings. As far as I know, the customs officials of the countries I’m now “forbidden” to enter are very detailed when they check your passport for entry and exit stamps from countries that border with Israel, so they will know you were in Israel even if you don’t have the Israeli stamp.

      My choice to start in Israel was purely based on finding a cheap airfare… one of those special deals… so I just went with it. I will let you know more about my “Israeli Stamp vs. Muslim Countries Stamp” ordeal when I decide to reenter Israel. ufff… I kinda foresee a lengthy interview at customs!

  7. Belize is my next country to visit for a holiday, I have friends who have been there several tlmes and just adore it. So I understand your sadness at leaving such a unique place

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