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Thailand is a country blessed with beautiful beaches, and these lend themselves perfectly to sustaining an excellent nightlife where revelers can party through until the small hours of the morning.

Bangkok obviously has a major stake in the Thai party scene with its cosmopolitan bars and the popular Khoa San Road, but there are plenty of other places where you can have just as good a time.

From the legendary Ko Phangan Full Moon party to the sun-kissed beaches of Ko Phi Phi, Thailand’s islands and beaches are great places to let off some steam on a much-needed vacation.

Thai Beach

High Season – Patong

Patong’s bar scene is not for everyone, but the experience can be quite hilarious if you’re not put off by the curious mix of middle-aged western men cavorting with twentysomething local girls.

That said, in the high season (between November and April) there are enough people surging through Patong’s bars to make it difficult to notice its seedier side.

Patong’s main strip looks terrible by day, but by night it glows into a neon dream, filled with wacky bars and people trying to sell you all manner of junk as you walk about.

For those looking for the top places, try out Tiger bar – a labyrinth of bars and watering holes that culminates with the top floor Tiger club, which is not to be missed.

Thailand Beach

Summer Holidays – Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi’s natural beauty has meant thousands of student holidaymakers see it as a perfect place to nurse hangovers. Indeed, during the summer holiday period, the island is awash with young twenty-somethings cavorting in the sand.

Because of its size, Phi Phi can get claustrophobic at times, but a few drinks in the Reggae Bar – complete with full-size Thai boxing ring where you can challenge anyone – will probably see to your anxiety.

It’s really a no-no to go to Ton Sai village if you’ve got a family – and there are plenty of other places to stay. But if partying is your thing, then head straight there after 9 PM!

The Full Moon – Ko Phangan

Almost every twenty-something who visits Thailand has to experience a Full Moon party at least once. Set on Haad Rin beach on the South East tip of Ko Phangan, this attracts thousands of people every month.

Even in the days building up to the party, there are plenty of smaller beach parties going on, while Coral Bungalow’s legendary pool parties provide a warm-up highlight.

On the Full Moon itself, the beach will be filled with people, so it’s not uncommon to get lost for long parts of the night without your friends. Either be prepared to take your phone with you, arrange meeting points, or spend periods wandering around talking to strangers!

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  1. I was thinking of checking out the Full moon party at Ko Phangan, once I get to Thailand in a week or two, after I get out of Lao ๐Ÿ™‚