Notre Dame of Paris, France

How to Travel Europe on a Budget

Know how to plan your budget European trip with these easy to follow tips. These steps will show you how to plan the cheapest possible trip to Europe while still doing all you want.

Canary Islands

8 Things To Do In The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are as diverse as the people who come to visit them. 
Here are 8 of the best things you can do while hopping between the Canary Islands.

Toilet Sign
Guest Bloggers

International Toilet Etiquette

Toilet talk can be taboo – but it’s important to understand different customs and cultures around the world when it comes to the act of having toilet etiquette.

A floating market near Bangkok
How To

Bargaining 101: The Art of Haggling on your Travels

Bargaining, or haggling, is a way of life in many cultures. It is considered a normal and often expected part of any shopping experience. For many people, including me, this process can be somewhat uncomfortable. Will they be insulted if I bargain? How low is too low? Bargaining, on the other hand, can be graciously


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