Weekly Snapshot: Vancouver’s Girl In A Wetsuit

Vancouver Mermaid

Girl in a Wetsuit Statue – Vancouver, Canada

When walking or biking along Stanley Park’s waterfront in Vancouver you will see the small statue of a woman diver; titled “Girl in a Wetsuit” by Elek Imredy), which sits on a rock that protrudes close to the edge of the water.

The design of the statue is based on an unofficial modern reinterpretation of a Copenhagen statue called The Little Mermaid, which sits similarly on a rock in the harbor of Denmark’s capital.

During the 2011 Stanley Cup, the woman diver statue was dressed with a Canucks shirt in representation of the popular soccer team.  It goes without saying that people in Vancouver are die-hard fans of hockey and their team!


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  1. says

    This statue simply screams “iconic.” But I guess with the jersey it’s more of a chant?

    Just imagine if the mermaid dressed up in the green man’s suit! Now THAT would be an avid Canucks fan….

  2. says

    Yeah , this really reminds me of the little mermaid , but the shirt – well really an idea of devoted fans to dress her in this shirt…

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