Thank you for helping me travel. Let’s keep doing it!

Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand

It’s incredible that to this day, I’ve been traveling the world for over 500 days!  Well, the truth is that this could not have been possible without YOU!  So, I want to thank you, first of all, and invite you to participate with me even more.

Your support, interaction, comments, and tips have all helped me travel for a much longer period than I ever imagined, visit places I never thought I’d visit, and have experiences that I’ll never forget.

I love sharing all these experiences with you, and the truth is that many of them would have never happened in the first place had I not had this blog and your support.  For me, this is like a professional side-career where I’ve been slowly growing the more I travel and the more I interact with you.

Well, thanks to all this, I have been invited to participate as a Social Influencer on IBM’s project called Smarter Commerce.  #MySmarterCommerce

What is this?  This is IBM’s new campaign in which I will define what smarter commerce means to me and how it has helped me grow in this travel industry.

In my opinion, when it comes to a travel blog, smarter commerce is highly engrained in social media and participating with you.  In reality I don’t look at it as “commerce”, I see it as smart business, experiences, and interactions.  Like I mentioned before, you have made all of this possible.  Without you, there would be no GloboTreks.

Me on Elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

So, I want your voice and passion for travel influence my journey in one way or another.  Let’s just call this, influential travel.

What this means?

In one way, I always prefer to receive tips, suggestions, and information from my readers, followers, and friends, rather than to read them from a guidebook.  Your recommendations are better targeted and more valuable since you might know the destination pretty well, and you know me to some extent. We can share those on GloboTreks’ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, comments below, and more.

In another way, why not have fun and have you decide where I go and what I do?  I can give a few suggestions based on my budget and availability, and you decide the course of the trip according to what you’d be interested in reading and seeing featured on the site and social media.  Fun, eh?

So lets start by getting your recommendations or “wish list” on Tunisia!  I’m visiting it next week and the trip is still a blank canvas.  What should I do there or where should I visit?

This is an ongoing journey and an evolving story, and you can help me trace the path.



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    • says

      Thanks Caz! I know, this has been a great trip and it has gone beyond my wildest expectations. Well, I’m still eyeing Australia, so I know you’ll be of great help there! 😉

  1. Christian says

    This sounds like you have a great road ahead of you, and more great traveling experiences coming your way. Don’t know much about Tunisia, but I’ve heard the desert safaris are pretty cool. You should do one!

  2. Luanne says

    Here are some of the best places to go:

    Roman ruins at Carthage
    White and blue town of Sidi Bou Said
    Holy city of Kairouan
    Desert movie locations near Tozeur
    Chott El Jerid salt lake
    Sidi Driss ‘Star Wars’ Hotel in Matmata
    Lezard Rouge train through Seldja Gorge
    Archaeological sites of Dougga and Bulla Regia
    El Djem amphitheater
    Mosaics at Bardo Museum, Tunis

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