Good Reads of the Month of October

Good Reads

I love reading travel blogs.  They are part of the fuel and inspiration that drives me to head “out there” and keep exploring the world.  So, I want to share with you some of my favorite posts and most though-provoking reads during the past month.  These posts share some good tips, travel information, and ideals that are in tune with this site’s focus and thinking.

My Home is in the Land of Exoticness by Caz from yTravelBlog @yTravelBlog

Caz gives us another introspective post about the minute things that make things feel home.  Home is not necessarily a place; home is part of the experience of living happy and out loud.  It’s really impressive how minor and “insignificant” details can bring a lot to life.

Enriching Travel Through Mindfulness by Keith from Traveling Savage @TravelingSavage

As Keith prepares for my trip to Argentina and subsequent one month trips over the next two years, he realizes that he fears that the people, places, and experiences will flow past him undocumented. So, he reflects on three simple practices that he believes will help him catch those moments and could also help you appreciate your own travels even more.

Maximon- Guatemala’s Smoking, Alcohol drinking God by Jamie and Jess from Adventures with Cloud People @thecould_people

A really nice story about a smoking, drinking, and rock-star stylish God in Guatemala who is thought to have healing powers, having worshipers come to be healed by him.  Believe me, this is a cool God with an attitude.

Different Types of Hostel Guests by Jamie and Jess from Adventures with Cloud People @thecould_people

After having lived and worked in hostels for 2 years or so, Jamie and Jess noticed a certain pattern of different types of travelers that roam around hostels. So, in their best opinion, they list the different types of hostel guest.  This post is hilarious.

Does Long-term Travel have an Expiration Date by Christy and Scott from Ordinary Traveler @OrdinaryTravelr

This post shows a strong opinion on the question about how old is too old to travel long term.  It is common to see various points of view about settling or keeping a nomadic life.  Do you believe travel has an expiration date?  See their reaction to this age old question.

29 Life Lessons I Learned in 29 Years by Jenny from Where is Jenny @whereisjenny

Twenty nine years old Jenny is taking action on her dreams to sell everything to travel the world and never looking back. Doing so, she has also reflected on 29 lessons she has learned throughout her 29 years.   Jenny’s list is very inspirational and worth a read.  But not only a read, her lessons apply to everyone, so, taking action on her lessons might help you too.

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    Thanks for including my post Norbert. It’s amazing what a rooster can help you create! We really appreciate the shout out. I love all the posts you have selected here- really great reads

  2. says

    Seems like an interesting list though I will be honest and let you know I hardly have time to read these days. The closest I get to reading is a travel mag for about 20 mins and it’s back to work…


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    thanks so much for including us on your list Norbert! can you post any of your own posts as a favourite? ha.
    cheers, jamie from

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    Really fantastic reads.I’m constantly amazed with not just the number of great travel blogs, but the quality, the variety and the subject matter.It’s a wonderful world, and we’re all making it better.

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