Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls

I’m a thrill seeker by nature.  I love the adrenaline.

bungee at victoria falls, zambia and zimbabwe

Upon my arrival in Livingstone, Zambia, the first thing on my agenda was to look for the company that does the bungee jumps from the bridge that crosses the Zambezi River, which holds the Victoria Falls and divides Zambia from Zimbabwe.

I checked into my hostel, and there it was… a full-blown poster from Victoria Falls Bungee, the company that operates such attraction from the bridge.

The next day, since the bridge is relatively close to the center of Livingstone, I took a taxi towards the bridge.  Since the bridge is the actual border, I went through a “fake” immigration process in which I just had to tell the immigration official that I was bungee jumping and they would stamp a loose piece of paper so I could enter the bridge.

A quick registration process, and in no time I was doing the first of three activities – the bridge slide, which is basically a zip line from the river bank on the Zambian side towards the bridge.  It was fun, but I wanted more.

Bungee jumping victoria falls

Then came the bungee jump.  I had never bungeed before, so I had intense mixed feelings going from shit scared, to over exited, to what the hell am I doing.   Oh, it was here where an Australian girl fell into the river after the bungee cord snapped, just a few months before I jumped… yikes!  She survived, though.

But, from this point, I’ll let the video do the “talking”…

I came out of that bungee as a mess… but a happy mess who wanted more!

me bungee jumping at Victoria Falls

Then came the last jump – the bridge swing.

Just as scary as the bungee jump, the swing uses the same gravitational forces to make you feel like you’re asphyxiating as you drop, that your heart will come out of your mouth, that your veins will explode out of pressure; and that funny intense tickle that fills your chest, boosting your adrenaline over your bearable limits.

jumping on the swing at Victoria Falls

Well, the swing did all that, but the difference was that I didn’t just go straight down the entire time, but swung back and fort, enjoying the view of the waterfalls while feeling the mist all over my face and body.

Do you want to see me walk on air?

Have you ever gone bungee jumping?  How was it?

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      Michael, picture this… you’re falling, er, jumping on a semi controlled descent, next to one of the most powerful, biggest, and most beautiful waterfalls in the world… You’re doing it, right?!! 😛

  1. says

    Awesome videos and pictures! I kind of got nervous just watching the videos! That said, would love to experience this someday. Thanks for sharing your adventures.


  1. […] My first ever bungee jump was in Victoria Falls, set between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The free fall is 111m high, and it has one of the most impressive backdrops you can imagine, the actual falls! You’re so close to them that you even get a bit of the thunderous mist that floats all around the water drop. You can see more, including a video of my fall, in this post. […]

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